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2006-01-18 22:32:29   Dropped by here late last Saturday night/Sunday morning, and it was PACKED! They literally had a bouncer at the door. Food was pretty good diner fare, and reasonably priced too. —JonRobins

2006-03-12 02:08:11   I've never had anything here but the garbage plates. It's the only place I'll get a plate, in fact. —NeilBardhan

2006-07-23 20:50:54   This is THE place to go for a late night Plate run. —JohnStanley

2006-12-20 22:45:28   I don't like Mark's. They put pickles in their mac salad which gives it a weird flavor. The hot sauce is extremely bland with seemingly no spice or flavor in it. —TracyRohlin

2006-12-21 09:24:15   Their eggs and toast really hit the spot for 1 AM snack. —DanielMiner

2007-01-28 17:24:22   Absolutely the best plates in Rochester. Blows Tahou's over-mayonnaised sogfest out of the water. —MisterElkington

2007-03-16 03:57:04   I've been going to Mark's for years and always loved it. I should have posted something positive here before. Tonight I had my car towed from their parking lot while I was eating inside. I didn't get any help from the staff inside. "tought luck" seems to be the theme as they don't even know the name of their own towing company. I'm not sure what to think, the food is great but I wouldn't recomend the parking lot. —ColinMerna

2007-03-22 11:34:14   Uh, for the record. Unless they tore down some housing behind the building, I don't think Marks on Monroe _has_ a parking lot. There's a lot behind the Country Sweet, and a lot behind the laundry, but neither of those are Mark's lots or designated as such. Finding parking around Marks late saturday night / early sunday morning is hard. My fave meal at Marks is sorta a custom Garbage Plate workaround. I order the Sky Burger with mac salad instead of fries with a side of hot sauce. You get everything you'd get on cheeseburger over all mac plate, but on a roll with mayo tomatoes and lettuce. I think it's actually a bit cheaper too. —MartyBoyden

2007-03-22 11:39:35   Great prices and great food. The menu is pretty big. I've never actually gone late at night, but when I'm in the mood for a cheap, filling dinner, I like to go here. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-04-05 17:48:17   The MacSalad really makes the Plate here one of Rochester's finest. —KumikoTanaka