Mushroom House

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MushroomHouseGoogle.jpg[WWW]Embeddable Google Satellite Image The Mushroom House (the owners prefer the name "Pod House") is a private home at 142 Park Road [Directions] in Perinton near Powder Mills Park south of Bushnell's Basin.

A complete description appeared in the Town of Perinton Designated Landmarks and Districts [WWW]May 9, 1989 Application (PDF 1.27MB).

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2005-12-14 23:35:05   Does anyone know whether tours of the house are available? —TobinFricke

2007-05-09 23:27:27   does anyone have more historical information on this house? the owners? —GrahamSaathoff

2007-05-18 02:33:44   From what I've heard (from people who live in the area), these are privately-owned homes, so asking for a tour might be intrusive. —JayUnnikrishnan

2007-11-07 15:36:55   i've driven to see them and they are privately owned now. —MissGia

2008-06-02 00:56:51   I used to love driving by this house when I was a kid (and I still do!) Definitely a must-see Rochester area landmark. If you have children, take them to sneak a peak at these and then check out the fish hatchery down the road. —MariahBetz

2009-08-03 13:30:53   This house was recently added to the 'This Old House' website: [WWW]

2010-12-02 11:48:47   Listed for sale: [WWW]

2011-01-01 14:18:10   More Photos here: [WWW]

2012-02-18 15:01:53   Sold (after the price was knocked down from $1.1M to $800K): [WWW]

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