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2006-03-20 18:51:36   I was there today. Pretty nice place. $8 for soup+1/2 sandwich. Manhattan Coffee Soda was also pretty cool. Recommend! —GirtsFolkmanis

2006-03-21 14:42:41   They are also involved in NISC, which meets there during the summer. —FarMcKon

2006-06-06 05:40:07   This is my FAVORITE lunch spot in all of Rochester. I cannot get enough of the ginger carrots or the goat cheese sandwich. —ChrisYoung

2006-08-25 12:01:22   Retro done refreshingly and with intention. Design is evident throughout, down to a display for loose-leaf tea. Our meal was well handled - found the owners to be interesting, neat people. Would love for them to succeed (as 'unique' places typically don't). —ChristineLeo

2006-08-25 16:04:49   A nice variety of tasty sandwiches. Fair prices. Cool atmosphere. —AdamDewitz

2006-08-31 13:53:47   This is a nice change from standard sandwich shops. The ginger carrots are awesome and they have a great variety of unusual beverages. Try the brie and pear sandwich. —EllenKelsey

2006-12-27 22:29:02   Great place to have lunch! —SusanAlvarez

2006-12-27 23:16:54   A bit pricey for a sandwich joint, but the incredible food makes it worthwhile. —MaryAnneSchnarkles

2007-03-17 15:47:32   Went today for the first time, you can really drive by it a few times if you don't know where it was. Even the owners of Cheesy Eddies which is about a block away were not sure where it was. Anyway, the food is really unique and very good for a sandwich shop. It is cool that you can get two halves of two different kinds of sandwiches for about $8. Yes it will cost you 2x Subway but well worth it if you like good tasting fresh food. —PeteWaack

2007-04-30 03:29:32   Can be a bit pricey for sandwiches, but the food is fresh and beautifully prepared. The staff are really nice. They're also dog friendly! —MariahBetz

2007-05-19 13:29:11   I love this place!!! They used to have a goat cheese, 'natural' peanut butter, and fresh rosemary sammy on a baguette- to die for!! Thi inspired maybe? The cookie 'splits', moxi, and black bean sammies are also well worth running home to tell mom about!!
Keep up the good work guys!! —JennaCarson

2007-05-19 22:08:11   According to their website, the rosemary garlic peanut butter with goat cheese and french fried garlic baguette sandwich has returned. I had the soft brie with apricot preserve and sliced pear. It was awesome! —AdamDewitz

2007-05-24 10:23:50   Pricey but good, I had the Peppered Turkey /w Horseradish mustard and it had a big kick to it. I got the ginger carrots as my side because of the reviews it got (I'm not much of a cooked carrots fan) and I actually liked it. While my meal was probably worth the price, my wife had a type of flat bread style sandwhich and seemed a bit small for the price. Expect to pay $10 for a combo (sandwich, side & drink) and more if you add on to this. I would go here again. Seating inside is very small but on nice days there is much more seating outside. Wednesday is scooter day and there is a decent size crowd that sits outside on that day. —TravisOwens

2007-06-19 17:46:00   I was really impressed with this shop. The people working there were friendly, and helped walk me through their menu. They answered my questions patiently, and I ordered the toasted olive sandwich, which I probably wouldn't have selected on my own. It tasted great, and I loved the ginger carrots side dish. The design of the dining space looks great too. Oh, and there's a really good selection of beverages. The only negative is that just passing by the place, the fact that it's a sandwich shop doesn't really pop out at you. I'd walked past this storefront a dozen times thinking it was a trendy consignment shop or something. —CedrickStanton

2007-06-24 12:21:43   The sandwiches here are quite tasty; it's a refreshing change of pace from other sandwich places I've been too (sorry Dibella's, for me I think you've
met your match). Their chickpea sandwich was delicious, along with their
ginger carrots; as well as their pear, brie and apricot sammie. Totally dig
their Moxie memorabilia. —CatherineConnolly

2007-07-14 08:23:54   Good food. About 8 dollars for a sandwich, many unique ingredients and combinations used. Recommended. —CharlieBeltram

2007-10-07 20:22:22   Jared, Drew & The Open Face Crew are great!! Very nice people and amazing food. I have been more than a dozen times and not once was I dissapointed!! Thanks Guys!! —MichaelWells

2007-10-18 14:09:36   I eat here at least twice a week. Granted, I work right across the street, but still. It's that good. I've tried every single sandwich on the menu. My favorites are the genoa salami, goat cheese, and the beer battered beef on an onion roll (it's a special). —MarcVera

2007-10-18 16:08:18   I have never been but these guys used to live next door to me years ago. I can't vouch for their food but knowing them, I would expect they put out a good product and treat their customers well. —BadFish

2007-11-08 13:21:36   I've only been twice but both times were great. Probably the best sandwiches I've ever had. I love the tea selection too. —GeorgeBluth

2007-11-08 14:30:51   Some of the best sandwiches in Rochester and a really great place. I would recommend to the owners that they create better signage so people can notice the place, but once you do you will def be back! —MrRochester

2007-11-16 14:55:05   Had the cheese sandwich. The fried onions were a nice touch, but next time I'll get either carrots or a salad side. The bagel or baugette chips (I could not tell which) seemed a bit redundant with a sandwich.

All in all, was quite impressed. —MrPhil

2008-01-11 06:26:30   we've used them twice for work lunches.... the first time everyone raved but i thought my selection was ho hum.... the 2nd time i loved my stuff... and we treated ourselves to the cookie splits...mmmmmmm..... —JcPop

2008-01-11 14:48:21   i am madly in love with open face. the food is delicious and the staff is wicked fun. —StephChows

2008-04-28 23:44:15   Open face never disappoints! Fabulous interiors and colors, glorious food. Will kill for their cookies and coffee. —SmitaRao

2008-04-29 01:12:23   this is definitely one of the best local places to go for lunch. the food is good, the prices arent bad, and the atmosphere is, dare i say it, adorably hip. just one warning - unless you know what youre getting yourself into, be careful when trying moxie. it's a wee bit different than most colas. —TonyFolenta

2008-04-29 20:25:40   I'm not impressed with the service. Sandwich takes a long time to materialize. —ThomasPawlik

2008-08-24 00:47:19   Amazing!!! Everone is so great and so friendly, not to mention anything you order on the menu is made fresh. It's all delicious. They have an abundance of vegetarian choices too! —SuMak

2008-11-17 07:58:28   A favorite — always interesting —FrankPetronio

2009-01-06 23:46:03   A gem. Funky all the way around. And delicious sandwiches. My work used to order from here all the time, and I always ordered. I've also gone there for lunch a bunch of times.

Fun, delicious, outstanding. —VinceC

2009-03-01 09:45:34   ThomasPawlik, the reason why it takes a bit longer for them to prepare your sandwich is because everything is made fresh to order! You need to be patient if you want quality, which Open-Face is known for. —DabeernFooddude

2009-09-12 23:14:56   High quality product at a VERY fair price. Always fresh and consistently delicious!! I get take out at least once a week and have always been happy. The homemade soups are a very good, and the frosted drop cookies are a treat! Mmmm, ginger carrots... —NoBS

2009-09-22 17:57:09   One of the best sandwich places in Rochester. I'm not vegetarian, but I always get either the black bean, chickpea, or mashed corn sandwiches which are all unbelievable. They also have a great selection of unique drinks and candies, as well as some of the best cookies in Rochester. Because the dining room is so small, don't try to bring a big crowd here at lunch times because you probably won't find a table. —MikeWu

2009-10-19 09:29:00   we regularly get take out here for lunches at work. yum yum yum!!! —JcPop