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2007-02-05 02:17:44   The review itself should be NPOV (Neutral Point of View), save the opinions for the comments! Please see my essay on restaurant comments on my own page. —BenMargolis

2007-02-06 11:44:48   Overall I agree, but I think it's worng to claim a restaurant has an "intended customer", food applies to anyone. I won't deny that certain age groups prefer certain joints, I think eating healthier is something the younger generation is finally picking up on. So a place like Pita Pit is popular amont 20 somethings, but it's not like they don't want a 40yr old coming in. Generally speaking, the factor in age is often price. You're average 20 something eats out far more often than a 40yr old, so they will prefer to spend less and eat at quicker joints. Where as the 40yr old, who is making more money, and eats out less often, well have no problem going to a place that charges $25+ per plate. —TravisOwens

2007-02-06 11:46:34   PS: I've agree with BenMargolis that opinions DO NOT belong in the restaurant write-ups, they only belong in the comments section. I also realize that people who like a place, will say nothing, but those who dislike a place can't shut up. Perhaps we need a link to a disclaimer that appears before comments to make people realize this fact, well worded of course. —TravisOwens

2007-02-06 13:10:30   Meh. I think crowding the site with disclaimers, etc is overblown. We should make it clear that this is all user generated, and the wiki is an just an open content channel, with a few neatness/politeness rules. I thought it was funny in the Rochester Magazine article talking about misspellings as if some editor had failed at his job and missed something.... We should aim for NPOV, but not at the cost of driving away contributors or making review bone-dry. —FarMcKon

2007-02-07 10:45:27   I don't even see why this is an argument. It seems pretty obvious to me that the pages themselves should be NPOV, and the comments should be whatever the commentors' impressions of the place are. Ben, as far as avoiding negative comments goes - yes, the restaurant business is hard work, and every place has their "off nights," but this is the real world, not 3rd grade - you don't get an A for effort if you try hard but fail to deliver. A restaurant doesn't deserve to succeed just for trying, it deserves to succeed for providing good food and good service. —DanielMiner

2012-04-13 15:31:13   Just looked at "10Best". Three have been closed - for years ! NO WAY two others are on a best list. Someone doesn't know food from dog food. —JayBCo

2012-04-14 16:16:40   JayBCo is obviously referring to that link to "", which includes the Crystal Barn (closed for 2 years or longer) and the Grill at Strathallan (currently closed). Perhaps these dead links should be removed? —Alex-C