Rochester Community Sports Complex

Location paetecpark.jpg2006 - Vincent Monroe
460 Oak Street, Rochester NY, 14608
Phone / Fax
585 428 6841

paetec1.jpgVincent Monroe Rochester Community Sports Complex is the current name for a multiuse sports field and facilities owned by the City of Rochester. Built as a soccer stadium for the Rochester Rhinos ([wikipedia]USL), it has also played host to the former Rochester Rattlers ([wikipedia]MLL), the former WNY Flash ([wikipedia]WPS), and Rochester Lancers men's and women's soccer teams. It is located in the JOSANA Neighborhood.

The stadium opened on June 3, 2006 only a few blocks from the Rhinos' old home at Frontier Field and was built to serve the local teams and fans of sports played on a rectangular surface. Ample public financing from New York State made the construction of the then PAETEC Park very controversial, especially in light of the private ownership of the park. However, the former brownfield site in a struggling part of the city was briefly on the tax rolls (until the original owners defaulted and the city took over) and has hosted a number of events each year.

The stadium was for several years operated by the ownership of the Rhinos under a lease agreement. The decision of the Rhinos late in 2017 to suspend play for a year threw this agreement into question; after lengthy negotiations the arrangement was continued for 2018, without Rhinos games but with 4 USL matches (featuring Toronto FC II) and home games for the Rochester Lancers and Lady Lancers. The Rhino's lease was terminated at the end of 2018. The city Department of Recreation and Human Services began operating the facility for training and sports events in spring 2019; an indoor training facility (the "R-Training Center") opened in September 2021.

A new local club, the Flower City Union, will play their inaugural season in the soccer stadium in 2022.

Naming of the Park

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2009-06-02 06:48:32   The park is currently listed as Rhino Stadium on the Rhino's website. See also the details of the naming actions on [wikipedia]Wikipedia Rochester Rhinos StadiumBradMandell

2010-04-15 08:25:10   The Wikipedia article in my 2009-06-02 comment now redirects to the new Wikipedia article in the header above. My research shows the City of Rochester still as owner of the stadium from when it was taken over due to defaults on bank loans by the previous owners. —BradMandell

2010-04-15 08:40:17   Discovered that the name Marina Auto Park is used in the Buffalo media and in the Pop Warner HS football press - some articles have 5 or 6 references split between the two names. —BradMandell

2011-04-06 18:38:10   I'm kind of sad to see that a Buffalo company is going to get its name plastered above our fine city instead of our local Zweigle's. However, if you've ever been to Ted's in Buffalo, Sahlen's makes a good foot-long dogger. —BatGuano

2011-07-20 09:23:15   The /New York Times/ soccer blog mentions Sahlen's Stadium today - [WWW] - and links to this RocWiki article! Recognition at last.... —MarkJackson

2012-07-21 08:16:26   I have been here for one lacrosse game. Parking at the stadium was easy to get in and out. Even if the stadium isn't in the best section of town, I felt safe while at the stadium. —bonnev659

2017-01-24 11:59:35   "Sahlen's Stadium" (2010-15) was followed by "Rochester Rhinos Stadium" (2016); "Capelli Sport Stadium" is the new name, announced today ([WWW] —markjackson