Rochester Greek Festival

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962 East Avenue, Rochester, NY [Directions]
Dates & Times
June 2 - 5, 2016
11:00AM to 11:00PM

The Rochester Greek Festival is one of Rochester's many annual cultural festivals, and is arguably one of its most popular. It is also a charity event as it has an extensive Philanthropy Program. It was voted Best Festival by City Newspaper readers in 2006. As the name suggests, it is a showcase of Greek culture, including food, drink, music, dance, clothing, and religion.

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2012-06-04 16:08:57   A real disappointment this year. The weather was bad enough, but they were light on live music during the day, there were fewer vendors selling anything worth buying, and the food tent has slipped quite a bit. We went for lunch on Saturday, ordered one order of dolmades, one gyro, and one lokoumidos pita. We get our food to the table, unwrapped them, and fopund 2 gyros, both of which were bland and soggy, as if they were leftovers from the night before. The dolmades were dry, and I'm certain they were left overs. For all this, we paid $18! Even the crappy gyros at Gyromania in Webster are better! Then, we had to pay $4/bottle for beer, as well. The 'help' behind the counter seems to be mostly 'day-labor' rentals (most looking VERY non-Greek, and none being able to even say word "gyro" properly).

Also, it seems that they are gouging for all the incidental items, such as charging $12/day to use the climbing wall (which, doesn't look very GREEK, after all..). It seems that this festival has just turned into another crass cash-cow, ready to fleece as much money from the throngs of mouth-breathers and lemmings who keep showing up year after year. The only difference between this and, say, the Park ave. fest (aside from locale) is the type of canned music, and the levels of public intoxication visible.

I think next year I'll skip it. —Alex-C