Rockwood Street

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Location of Record Archive, in the Cobbs Hill Neighborhood
East - Dead-ends near South Winton
West - Rockwood Place
Approx. 0.3 miles

Rockwood Street is an odd, isolated fragment that is technically part of the Cobbs Hill Neighborhood, from which it is cut off by the Can of Worms. Geographically, it is much closer to North Winton Village, from which it is also cut off by the train tracks. Its character is semi-industrial, similar to nearby University Avenue but completely unlike the rest of its peaceful residential neighborhood, and not to mention the wealthy Brighton neighborhoods it just about touches. Overall, Rockwood is something of a no-man's land.

To the west, Rockwood Street takes an abrupt turn north and promptly terminates at the tracks. Continuing straight, the road becomes Rockwood Place.

This area is nevertheless the location of several active businesses, likely due to its sprawlinbg buildings and plentiful parking. These are:

[WWW]T'ai Chi Ch'uan Center - Rochester and [WWW]Rochester Lumber are located on Rockwood Place, yet have East Avenue addresses.


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