Schiller Park


P1010008.JPGView of the bust with the Inner Loop visible in the background.

Corner of Franklin and Andrews Streets

Schiller Park is a tiny park in the St. Joseph's Park Neighborhood downtown. It was originally called Franklin Square.

Schiller Park's name is comes from a bust of Freidrich von Schiller, a German poet and playwright. He was born in 1759 and died in 1805. Local German-American societies commissioned the bust in the early 1900s and installed it in Anderson Park, located at the corner of Main Street and University Avenue. Unfortunately, Anderson Park was largely destroyed by the construction of the Inner Loop in 1968 and the monument was subsequently moved.

Today, the little plot that is Schiller Park is all that remains of Franklin Square, once a center of the German-American community.



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2015-07-29 16:21:44   It should be noted that the photo above is by far the most flattering view possible of this sad little park. —daggar

2015-07-29 16:29:02   Thanks. —EileenF

2017-06-17 22:10:52   Schiller never lived in present day Rochester. He lived his whole life in present day Germany. —StevenSpring

2019-04-09 21:06:16   per Wikipedia, Schiller did not live in Rochester.