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This page is for discussing the contents of Take-Out Food.

Proposal February 19, 2009

    1. Proposal February 19, 2009
      1. What do we want to accomplish
      2. Why is it important
      3. Dealing with other categories
      5. A Possible Macro Solution

What do we want to accomplish

Take-Out information may be important to RocWiki viewers, some on the individual establishment's page and other for selection and review of alternatives.

Viewers might wish to know whether a particular establishment offers take-out, has a separate take-out menu and/or ordering system, etc. Some might be interested if the take-out establishments also allows eat-in. These features would seem most relevant when viewed on the individual pages.

Viewers may also wish to view lists of establishments offering take-out so that they could select an establishment, brand or cuisine. Such a list would be most useful if organized by town, region, etc. Inclusion of food style may be important in the list, where the store brand does not necessarily suggest it.

Why is it important

'Take-Out is an important feature of many restaurants, they advertise it, promote it on their website, have separate Take-Out menus, have phone, fax, and/or online ordering, etc. Some establishments are primarily Take-out only and have no eat-in space, or only a few tables where customers wait, but could eat as well. Other establishments make take-out available, but don't advertise or promote it.

Some examples:

Dealing with other categories

RocWiki already has separate categories for Pizza and Chinese Food, big players in the take-out world. For these categories, the exception of "No-Takeout" may be the key overriding the default. Some "high-end" restaurants may not offer take-out. Chinese Food already has subcategories for Take-out only and dine in, but no breakout by area. Pizza is only broken down by chain vs local.

There are also many "fast-food" establishments, delis, self-serve, and serving-line style establishments, and buffets that offer the alternative of To-Go.

For the viewer looking for take-out within their driving zone, these other establishments may be viable options and the viewer could benefit by having them in the lists by geography.

One option for these other categories would be to create an Include-able page for their take-out which could also appear on the Take-Out page.


  1. Use the ["Take-Out"] link for all establishments that feature, advertise, or promote take-out

  2. Use the ["Take-Out Only"] link for any establishment that does not offer a traditional eat-in facility

  3. Use the ["Take-Out Available"] link for any establishments that do not promote take-out but are known to offer it on request.

  4. Have the "Only", and "Available" links be redirects to the Take-Out page.

  5. Reorganize the listings by region or town (??a 5-10 minute drive away??)

  6. Examine the Pizza and Chinese Food listings for integration with the Take-Out

  7. Consider the other "fast food" or "fast-serve" listings for inclusion

A Possible Macro Solution


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2010-02-18 17:25:09   I don't understand the point of this page. Almost every restaurant I can think of offers take-out. I can understand if this page is only for "Take-out only", but thats not the case with some of the entries listed. —TippingPoint

2010-02-18 17:36:18   Tipping—I agree but some restaurants (small) don't have eat-in..are take-out only —PeteB

2010-02-18 17:38:46   Good point, TippingPoint (:>)

It might be useful to distinguish, however, between those that are Tako-Out Only, those that have a significant focus on Take-Out, those that "feature" their take-out, and those that do it as an aside.

My suggestion is to have a Take-Out Only (redirects here), use of Take-Out Food for those with significant focus or featured and Take-Out Available (redirects here) for places where take-out is an advertised option. Use of the LinksHere macro with the aforementioned page names will generate the automated lists for the three possibilities.

The featured places examples are some of the major chains that now have a separate Take-Out parking and entrance for their "order out" by phone, fax, and internet customers. There are also restaurants which provide take out via secondary delivery services.

I think that any establishment in the Fast Food category is automatically included as take-out there and does not have to appear here.

Take-Out Food is link directly at the top of the Restaurants page —BradMandell

2010-02-18 17:47:08   Moe's is not Take-Out only.... —PeteB

2010-02-18 17:59:42   The Take-Out Only category is very limited, because many places that are PRIMARILY take-out may have one or two small tables for people to wait at - OR EAT at, hence not absolutely Take-Out Only. Yummy House is an example. —BradMandell

2010-02-18 18:52:08   But you've got Wegman's which also has a large seating area....My suggestion is that take-out only should refer to restaurants that **ONLY OFFER TAKE-OUT—NO SEATING AVAILABLE AT ALL** —PeteB

2010-05-19 00:55:03   The word Delicatessen shows up in a lot of entries, and usually means a take-out of some kind - should that get a page indexing all those entries? (I did not even check for deli, which probably has others) - there are a wide variety of places that use that word - should that be commented on too? —JackGreenky

2010-05-19 07:55:08   Personally I'd leave delis as is....they're unique enough already. Any other thoughts? —PeteB

2011-06-02 13:52:20   I agree that since most places offer take-out a more helpful / useable implementation would be to have a listing of restaurants by area, be it zip code or town. Perhaps the city would be divided by quadrants also. —MVP

2012-12-28 13:52:43   This category has become very jumbled, with many entries to headings etc. It also has some, but not all, Chinese and Pizza joints which is misleading. While there still are a very few 'take-out only' places (primarily Pizza and Chinese) the availability of take-out at a restaurant is no longer unique or meaningful. I don't know of a single restaurant that would not sell you something if you asked to take it out. I vote for the category to go away. If others don't agree the category at least neads major clean-up and policing to be useful. —jgerek

2012-12-28 15:24:48   Agreed. I'm not sure we need this category either, since just about every restaurant I know does take-out (except maybe the fancy ones, I supppose that's a given). I guess the problem then would be going to all the pages listed and deleting the Take-Out page links. —EileenF

2012-12-28 15:29:00   I agree...we can scratch it —peteb

2012-12-28 18:28:35   I'm glad that after almost 3 years of bringing this up, there is a resolution :-P —tippingpoint

2012-12-28 19:00:06   FYI this proposal was created by a recently-passed member named bradmandell. I see no reason why we can't make changes. —peteb

2013-01-07 17:40:44   The consensus seems to be "delete it." —EileenF