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2006-06-11 12:55:25   Ordered 4 appetizers, 1 martini, 1 dessert. No major complaints about a single one - a first, in my 8 years of dining out every other day in ROC. But that's not the same as saying I'll definitely go back, or repeat any orders. The $14-appetizer thing - probably yet another way that ROC tries to emulate NYC ("let's have horses on parade!")...well, it's only a joke when you don't have the same food caliber to go along. While $80 for 2 doesn't ruffle one's feathers much, just-ok food combined with too-casual (read: PJ-like rags) staff is not enough to lure us back again. Last word: I'm left hankering for real tapas. —ChristineLeo

2006-06-12 06:15:58   I agree that price/value is out of balance at Tapas. —RottenChester

2006-07-25 04:59:33   I agree with the above comments about price. Just wanted to add that the atmosphere is pretty cool, especially when there's music at the downstairs bar. When I go out, this is often my first stop. They have free salsa lessons on Thursday nights. The bartenders are very knowledgeable. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-07-26 08:09:51   Tapas has great food; I've dined here a few times for tapas and regular entrees. For tapas, I recommend the scallops. They are made with a dark sweet/spicy sauce. I had Banana Xangas (dessert) last night, and it was pretty good: 1/2 banana in fried dough, vanilla bean ice cream with caramel sauce, and a banana piece dipped in dark chocolate. A previous comment talked about how this restaurant tries to emulate NYC. First, trying to emulate NYC is a good thing, since it is the pinnacle of what a large city can be. Secondly, many things about Rochester do emulate NYC successfully, and Tapas does, actually, with the quality of food and atmosphere. It probably is not the same quality as the NY Times 4-stars like Daniel and Per Se, which I have not tried yet, but I have dined at many restaurants in NYC since I am from there, so my opinion is qualified. Thridly, every city has some kind of animal on parade, like Buffalo has Bisons on Parade. The prices are OK for the demographics and atmosphere of the place. —BenMargolis

2006-12-02 11:32:28   I used to enjoy Tapas, but recently it has been disappointing. The jambalaya is mediocre, the seafood is not fresh. Would not recommend anymore, especially considering the price. —TonyBurba

2007-01-28 16:55:49   I haven't been in about a year, but while definitely pricey, I thought the food was incredibly delicious. —MisterElkington

2007-04-16 00:57:03   the best chocolate martinis and crab cakes in rochester —DesaRaeStanton

2007-07-10 14:55:03   I go here quite often and LOVE the roast quail and goat cheese salad and the xangas dessert. The bar tenders are great upstairs (a little slow downstairs) and the mojitos are the best I've had. —RocGirl

2007-07-10 18:48:47   RocGirl—Try asking for a pomegranate mojito. One night I was bored with regular mojitos (even though they're amazing there) and the bartender mixed up a pomegranate mojito for me. He added orange and lemon slices in addition to the lime and some pomegranate liqueur. AMAZING. I'm obsessed :) —RachelBlumenthal

2007-07-24 16:03:14   Thanks for the suggestion Rachel!!! I'll be sure to ask for a pomegranate mojito next time I'm there! What a novel idea!!! —RocGirl

2007-07-26 19:05:27   I've been to Tapas at least a half dozen times. They have great food and good service. Great ambiance and creative dishes. The menu consistently changes, and I often lose a dish that I love. However, they almost always replace it with another that's just as good.

Bar area upstairs is nice. They open the doors downstairs in the summer, which is a nice change. Definitely make reservations on a Friday or Saturday if you can. —AnthonyTraino

2007-08-30 16:53:37   I enjoy going to Tapas for drinks or dinner. I have always had a good meal there and the scenery is usually good since the ladies tend to love the place.

I do wish that some of the other bars in the neighborhood (Liquid, Liquor Room) would close and then I would enjoy going to Tapas even more. I usually make it an early bar in the night, like 10-11pm , so I can avoid the clientele at the other St Paul bars at 2am.

A trendy bar that serves food. —MrRochester

2007-10-16 19:44:39   Well Rachel, I can now say I've tasted the pomegranate mojito! It was EXCELLENT!!! Thank you for the recommendation. I keep meaning to try the sangria. I hope that's just as tasty! —RocGirl

2007-10-17 17:06:34   Awesome! I'm glad you liked it :) I haven't been there in awhile...now I'm in the mood to go back! —RachelBlumenthal

2007-11-14 12:26:08   I always have excellent food and experiences at Tapas. It is one of my favorite places in Rochester. They have a very creative menu and the décor is cozy and inviting. I love bringing people there for their first visit. It’s very exciting to introduce friends and family to a truly recommendable place. Caveat: I haven’t stayed much later than 10pm so I’m not sure if the vibe of the place changes once the bars and clubs in the area start filling up. —ZedOmega

2007-11-29 16:56:26   Still going strong after all these years and never disappoints. New chef in the kitchen, if you liked the food before, you'll LOVE it now. Still one of the best Value wine lists in town. —GordonAnderson

2007-12-11 22:42:44   Tapas has the best food and drink. Went there for the first time with my boyfriend 3 months ago for dinner and was waited on by Robin, who was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and gave us excellent service. I strongly recommend the sangria, artichoke hearts (delicious), and the banana xango is absolutely decadent. We have been going back ever since!! —MelindaBanks