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3400 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford NY, 14534 [Directions] in Pittsford Colony Plaza
CLOSED (specific date unknown)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Tasteology was a new healthful food establishment that opened in fall 2007. The aim was to serve healthy food with flavor. Food was mostly grilled, steamed, or roasted using organic fruits and vegetables. None of entrees were more than $14, and every entree was under 500 calories. What was different about this restaurant is they had cameras in the kitchen as well as a full production kitchen to tape shows for their own Tasteology Network (cooking and lifestyle programming that could be viewed on the website). Currently the plan was to open (around) 300 restaurants (including franchises) across the country over the next 4 years. Pittsford is the debut location.

Initially, customers ordered and paid at a counter and then sat down to be served, but as of the end of November 2007, Tasteology is now full service.

Reopened in March 2009 as Wish.


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2007-11-02 12:23:11   I had the cali club that was a wonderful combo of flavors, however I left hungry which in my book is not a good endorsement for a place. Go there if you are looking for a very very light lunch or a snack, but I was eating an hour after getting back to the office... not worth the coin to leave hungry. —StephChows

2007-11-08 10:30:40   My dinner at Tasteology last night left me a little unsatisfied, but I'd be willing to go back and give it another try, as the menu was full of interesting things. I found the ambiance to be nice, relaxing, and spotless, and the service was very friendly. There's even a "concierge" to help you make good nutritional choices. I got the Taste of Tuscany—whole wheat penne pasta in a tomato fennel sauce with small pieces of beef—and it was unfortunately very bland. My boyfriend enjoyed his beef satay salad, which was a bit less bland than mine. We also tried the cupcake bites, $1 each for a tiny frosted cupcake, and the consistency was more brownie-like but tasty nonetheless. I also got a raspberry lemonade smoothie and this was the highlight of my meal. There's a reason all the meals are less than 500 calories—they are definitely on the small side if you're used to dining out. However, if you're on a diet and watching your portion size, it's perfect. I definitely think this place is worth checking out again in the future, but I'll try something else next time. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-11-12 19:40:57   Tasteology has an interesting idea... that is what intrigued me to try it, however that is where the good news stops. The place is poorly managed and very disorganized - employees did not know what was in the different meals and took inappropriately long to find out. We had the agean escape and babeque flatbread - both were offensively small for the money and did not taste good whatsoever. The (frozen) shrimp (salad shrimp) were not grilled - I think they were microwaved and were very fishy tasting. The barbeque sauce tasted like vinegar. I cannot see this place making it in Rochester and would not try it again. I am not that picky - just had a terrible expereince. —TimothyKinn

2007-11-12 21:14:30   I had a good time eating here, with the friendly service, large menu, and the in-house studio. The food arrived very quickly. My steak salad was good, with nicely herbed sliced steak and an interesting dressing (banana vinaigrette?). The only thing I didn't like was that the tomatoes were a bit mushy, but if they were using local tomatoes, they are just out of season. —BenMargolis

2007-11-22 02:20:14   interesting idea. poor execution...tasteology needs some work —TooMucch

2007-11-25 19:23:37   Tasteology was more like a science experiment gone wrong than a successful restaurant. I had to send back my food three times because it was cold, and when I finally got it it tasted like cardboard. Not only did it taste bad, but it was overpriced and I left hungrier than when I came in. My experience with the wait staff was also terrible; when I asked the ladies at the front "help" desk for help, they were unhelpful and rather dim. I've seen better management skills in 5-year-olds with bladder control issues. If you want a great dinner, try 2 vine on Winthrop Street, or Cheesecake factory just across the road from the Tasteology "establishment." —SewingSarah55

2007-11-27 13:14:11   I gave Tasteology a second try, and I still have mixed feelings, but I really do hope this place gets some things straightened out and succeeds. I like the idea, and the staff is very nice and enthusiastic, but there are still a number of issues. It's now full service, which is pretty nice, but my second visit here was nowhere near as fast as the first time. My friendly but inexperienced waiter attempted to memorize our order, came back multiple times to clarify, and messed up a couple times anyway, but our forgotten soup was comped and put in a takeout bag, and the server was very apologetic. My food had a bit more flavor than last time, but it was also very salty. At the end of our meal, we were invited to check out the studio, and then we were interviewed about things we like about Rochester, so that was pretty fun. Overall, I'm still willing to give Tasteology a few more chances, but I'm going to wait a few months and hope that they enhance their recipes and fix the service in the meantime. Also, they need to do some proofreading...I found many typos on the menu and even on some of their programs on the TV screen. I wrote a slightly more in depth review on my [WWW]blog if you want to read more. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-12-04 19:18:10   Every time I have gone to Tasteology, the food has been terrific. My favorite flatbreads are the Parilla and the Tataki. I love the mix of cooked fish and fresh cucumber on the Tataki. It's tasty and refreshing. When it comes to the salads, I love the Red Rocks. It reminds me of a good taco salad minus the fried shell. I'm yet to have a problem with service because I mostly go during the slow times.

The wrap portions are a little small, but I always leave satisfied. I like to order extra sides like the edamame or the plantains, which I am sometimes too full to finish.

When it comes to desserts, the cupcake bites are perfect. After a meal, I usually just want a sweet taste in my mouth and the bites are great. I prefer the chocolate with peanut butter icing.

Overall, I really enjoy Tasteology. I never feel guilty after eating there. —EliseFouasnon

2008-01-08 00:55:40   I went to Tasteology last week and I loved it! Ever since I have been telling all of my friends and family how great it is and I cannot wait to go back. I did not know what to expect when I first went because I had heard very little about the restaurant. Walking into the restaurant, I was very impressed. The place is very clean, modern and trendy. The menu is very expansive and offers a wide variety of options, all reasonably priced and most impressively, all under 500 calories! The dish I ordered was a pasta bowl with whole wheat penne, shrim, and tomato pesto sauce. When the food arrived, the portion was somewhat smaller than what I am used to seeing at restaurants, and I was nervous because I was very hungry that day. The portion size ended up being perfect. I left feeling comfortably full, but not as if I had overate (as I usually do when I go out to eat).I think that I hope Tasteology succeeds! This type of restaurant is exactly what we need, with the current obesity trends in the US. —GuessWho

2008-01-24 22:43:34   Had a quick sit-down dinner here before a movie the other night. Interesting concept. Service was a little slow and the drinks took awhile. Other than that, I'd say everything was pretty much up to expectations. It's more of a lunch type atmosphere - that is, I wouldn't go there for a nice dinner but it's a great option if you want to go out w/o taking down 2,000 calories. Place was fairly full but they need to get their avg ticket up to make it I'd guess. —JohnCocktosten

2008-02-06 12:12:54   I love the atmosphere of the Wine Bar and the large selection of green wines. They now have live music on Monday night featuring some of the best musicians in town this place is really turning into a great hang out spot. —KarenSmith

2008-02-29 09:47:32   Going here was a huge mistake. There were several open tables, yet we literally had to flag down an idle employee to get seated. After that, we waited twenty minutes for a glass of water, and then found a piece of melted plastic in my salad. The "comped" dessert showed up on our bill as half price. I will never eat here again. The waitstaff is condescending and rude, and the food does not make up for it in any way, shape, or form. No stars. —RoryGordon

2008-02-29 10:47:52   I would like to respond to Mr. Gordon's comments. I am the owner of tasteology and I was present in our dining room last night. I don't mind the occasional bad review. Restaurants have to get used to not satisfying everyone. But I do mind outright untruths, as found in his posting. I don't know what particular axe Mr. Gordon has to grind, but here are the facts as witnessed by me.

1. Mr. Gordon did not have to "flag" anyone down last evening. I was the host at the time. His wife arrived slightly ahead of him and I greeted her at the host station. Then he arrived. I imagine he was parking his car. We had to clear a table for them and we did so promptly. We chatted at the host station for a couple of minutes about the many things tasteology provides. He asked a number of questions. They were seated within five minutes, probably less than that.

2. There were no "idle" employees anywhere on premises last evening. I was probably the most "idle" and I was working pretty hard!

3. The "several empty tables" Mr. Gordon referred to were in our gallery dining room and not the main dining room, where he chose to sit. The gallery dining room had four tables occupied out of 12. The main dining room was full last night, since we were holding the semi-final match in our high school cooking competition.

4. There was no 20 minute wait for water. I was watching Mr. Gordon's table after I seated them, and told his server he had a new table. The server had to deliver food to another table, so we asked a second server to provide water. The wait was probably about 4 minutes, tops. I observed the entire time. Too long a wait to satisfy me generally - we try to bring water within 60 seconds - but 20 minutes is an outright fabrication.

5. There was indeed a piece of celophane found in the salad. That was the first time that has happened in the restaurant, so we took immediate note of it. And, we provided him another meal.

6. Not only were his desserts provided at a 100% discount, but we also charged him only half price for the entree we provided as a substitute meal, which he ate in its entirety. We have the paper trail to show the discounts. (We probably threw the celophane away.)

7. Our service staff goes out of its way to be polite and efficient. Of course, I know the server who waited on Mr. Gordon last evening and I don't believe he has a condescending bone in his body. I am sorry Mr. Gordon perceived it that way.

8. I am sure Mr. Gordon is 100% accurate in stating that he will never eat here again.

9. I regret the celophane incident, and I regret that Mr. Gordon has chosen to misrepresent the other aspects of his evening. Tasteology, even as such a young restaurant, has developed a terrific reputation for its delicious food and friendly service. I regret he did not perceive us that way.

We strive to improve every day, and to make each and every guest's experience a fabulous one. I have spoken to literally hundreds of our customers, and I am delighted that such a very high percentage of them are truly enthusiastic supporters!

Tom Chapple, owner, tastelogy
p.s. The Smackdown team from Penfield won last night, and will compete against a Fairport team in the finals. The prize is a $1,000 scholarship from tasteology.

2008-02-29 14:56:18   I am pretty certain Rory is a female. —BadFish

2008-03-03 14:00:50   A very mixed review. I started with the Miso soup that was billed to contain sweet potato and spinach. Unfortunately, it tasted like a puddle of warm soy sauce with three (count them) three pieces of sweet potato lying in a forlorn heap on the bottom. I then tried the "Coconut Grove". This was tasty, but in no way a remarkable dish. The cauliflower tasted like something out of a steamer bag you buy from Wegmans. The shrimp were few, small and too chewy. One friend had the Savannah Salad. The turkey portion was inedibly dry with the peach compote the only highlight of the meal. Another friend tried the Blue Coast and specifically asked for her tuna to be seared lightly. It was well done all the way through and too tough for human consumption. The dessert was a lovely nut cake. The reason I will go back, however, is the decor and the details are lovingly and tenderly picked out. I know that when the same attention is given to the quality of the food, the place will be a true find. —YanaLevin

2008-03-05 22:32:22   Nice place. A little hard to find, but different concept and eccentric menu. I loved my green tea smoothie. It wasnt very busy in there which was nice. Happy to see it in Rochester. —LorenzoServantes

2008-03-08 19:51:08   Visited Tasteology twice last fall and was intrigued but disappointed both times. Tried it again today and was thrilled: great food, good portion sizes (not stingy), very attentive and prompt waitress, $35 for two full meals, constant supply of water. Then, the owner came out to help my friend and I scrape the ice off our car. A+++ for improvement Tasteology! I'll be back and I'll bring others with me. —KathrynGallant

2008-03-15 17:50:30   Tasteology seemed like an interesting new restaurant to try but after reading all the negative comments I wasn't sure what to expect. It was clean, the food delicious (and healthy!) and the service great. The waitress Alex was very pleasant and the owner Tom was interested in our service. I can't wait to visit their again!! It's a great and enjoyable restaurant especially for the health conscious. —JudyDoell

2008-03-17 09:29:15   Great new restaurant. I am so excited that these new, unique restaurants are opening up in Roc. We were a group of 6 who thoroughly enjoyed our meal, perfect sized meals, great desserts, impeccable service and very personable and hands-on owner (he interacted with every table and we saw him cleaning tables as well). —DesignDreamz

2008-03-21 15:50:47   If you are into health food you will love this place.

For what it is I enjoyed it. It was just very different for me to see blue steak arrive on my plate, it was blue because they baked it. (Does grilling make steak unhealthy?)

I am not a health nut and do not even care for salad so this is not my ideal restaurant, but as I age Im sure healthy eating will play into my life at some point.

If youre a vegasexual then you will enjoy this place. But, I was still hungry after my meal, so I went to Cold Stone Creamery. I erased the value of my healthy 500 calorie dinner with my dessert.

I would prefer Black and Blue, but Tasteology is reccommended if healthy is what you are looking for. —MrRochester

2008-03-23 19:16:09   Several changes since we opened, all thanks to customer requests. 1. Live music several times a week - gentle during dinner, jazz later in the evening (M-F-S). 2. We have an art gallery dining room, changes monthly with local area artists. 3. Extensive selection of "green" wines and beers. 4. Healthful cooking classes three times weekly. Thank you all for the suggestions! —ThomasChapple

2008-04-06 20:36:41   My husband and I have been here several times. Being a health conscious couple, we enjoy the smaller portions and organic options. I like the set calorie concept but wish fat grams and other facts were available. The owner is very friendly and it’s obvious that he is listening to consumer feedback. The atmosphere is a little odd, I wish it felt a little warmer and less open. We will continue to pop into this little place and see what’s new! —RochesterPhoenix

2008-04-18 13:54:50   This is a little late, but Mr. Chapple, I'm Ms. Gordon, not a mister, the gentleman I was with was not my husband, and if you feel you observed us closely enough to determine the times of our meal, perhaps you would remember my gender. I did not finish my meal, as you referred to my date as me. I'm sorry my descriptions bothered you, but this is an honest account of my experience. We did wait twenty minutes for water, because after we waited for a few, we began timing out of morbid curiosity. Calling my statements "untruths" is out of line; I would have more respect for you otherwise. Maybe you have me confused for another "Mr." Also, please apply the discount you claim in this posting, as the bank account states otherwise :) —RoryGordon

2008-05-09 15:12:23   Fresh, flavorful food. Consistently good. Good service. Gorgeous decor. One of the most reasonably priced places in Pittsford.

Its an interesting/ innovative concept. I liked their arty meeting space and green wines. Its a great venue to celebrate, for a work-related event or just meet up with friends for a casual evening. Gotta hand it to Tom Chapple for his hard work and very innovative ideas. I will be going back often. —SmitaRao

2008-07-02 00:38:33   I use to be a regular in this restaurant but during the last couple months they have changed their menu to match every other menu in Rochester. I was there this past Saturday for the summer celebration or so they say. The food was far from good. I ordered the sushi trio and it was served with balsamic vinegar now if that is what they mean by being different then I can pass I the oddity. I was sat by a young male who looked like he needed a lesson on how to dress along with the fact that he seriously needed to iron his clothes I was later informed that this young gentleman was the owners son. The owner I believe his name was Tom could spend his time learning how to run a restaurant instead of walking around trying to butter up to the customers ( very tacky to say the least ) he came to our table and basically would not leave us trying to flirt with us as if we were interested very sad. I could go on more but to sum up the whole experience I would say that Tasteology was a great restaurant when they first opened now I think they are no different than anyone else. Once a healthy minded restaurant now serving wings and nachos. —susanklein

2008-07-12 12:25:10   If i could describe the restaurant in one word it would be DISGUSTING. This restaurant says they are healthy they arent, the portion sizes are small. Who charges 4 dollars for a tiny bowl of edamame. If they open more of these horrible restaurants it will only be a loss of money because they suck. i would rather eat a piece of sh** then ever go there again. BAD PRICES. GROSS FOOD. BAD SERVICE. —emilyc

2008-07-17 00:01:16   Wow, what an awful experience. My name is Lafonda Doodle, and when i entered the premises of Tasteology, a cold, dark, unwelcoming feeling clenched onto my soul. As i walked into the empty restaurant, the horrible service for just one person, me, angered me. I had been starving since i hadn't eaten all day so i decided to order the most appealing meal to me, when i saw the wraps i thought to myself a nine dollar chicken wrap must be huge! So then i ordered it. After a long time they served me my wrap. When i looked at its puny size it really pissed me off. Nine dollars for a little wrap! After i devoured the wrap, i was still extremely hungry. Also being morbidly obese i was excited to eat some healthy foods, boy was i wrong. A healthy restaurant does not serve such foods. All this stupid place serves are miniature portions for hefty prices. The restaurant is WAY too big for the amount of customers they get. They need to bulldoze it down and give half the space to something that will actually get service. I love how the description is a complete lie, it says none of the entrees are under 14 dollars... there was a 21 dollar entree. So basically you get the smallest portion, the highest price, and the grossest taste! Never shall my soul return into the restaurant again. tasteology is such a stupid name anyways, they should rename it shitology

thank you.
-Lafonda Doodle —LafondaDoodle

2008-07-17 12:03:43   A common problem that haunts public comment sites the world over is that they attract people with an axe to grind. In the case of the previous two messages, it is probably a commercial/competitive axe.

Though there is no way to know for sure the validity of any comment, we trust the readers of rocwiki to use their common sense when evaluating entries by so-called customers. A twist on the old saying, when something sounds too bad to be true, it probably isn’t true. Come in and try us for yourselves. I think you’ll be positively impressed.

Tom Chapple

2008-07-17 12:35:27   NOTE: Some comments such as the ones from emilyc and Lofonda Doodle above come from the same computer. There are several others which may be the same person as well. All involved posted negative comments about Tasteology and positive ones about a competitor. —BadFish

2008-07-17 13:38:51   A common problem that haunts public comment sites the world over is that they attract people with an axe to grind. In the case of the previous two messages, it is probably a commercial/competitive axe.

Though there is no way to know for sure the validity of any comment, we trust the readers of rocwiki to use their common sense when evaluating entries by so-called customers. A twist on the old saying, when something sounds too bad to be true, it probably isn’t true. Come in and try us for yourselves. I think you’ll be positively impressed.

Tom Chapple

2008-07-25 23:17:05   Tonight my friends and I enjoyed our Tasteology dinner tremendously! The wait staff was attentive and courteous while also being friendly and fun! Food was deliciously prepared and the presentation was tremendously appealing! I am a repeat customer and will continue to enjoy Tasteology! I look forward to enjoying a before dinner martini soon! Mary —MaryAmoroso

2008-09-22 19:29:35   Their description is not right. Their current menu shows entree items for as high as $20. —CoolCan

2008-11-06 20:51:05   For everyone's information, Tasteology has reported that they are closing as of today, Nov. 6, until late March, 2009, for "renovations". We received mixed reports on the reason — one employee said it was indeed for renovations (even though the place is fairly new and appears to be in very good shape), while another employee said that they were closing for financial reasons. We went there Tuesday, Nov. 4, to celebrate the election finally being over. My impression was mixed — my entree (shrimp with penne pasta) was unimpressive — not particularly interesting or flavorful. The house salad dressing (a cilantro/lime dressing) was disappointing; not much flavor of either cilantro or lime. I had sweet potato soup which was good. The other three entrees, other than mine, seemed to be OK. The wine we had was so-so. All in all, if it were still open, I'd probably go back to give it one more shot, but if our next visit was like this one, it would probably fall off of my list of places to go. Our waiter was quite good and knowledgeable, and cordial. —RLShadow

2009-02-03 13:20:53   I had heard this place closed and is reopening as a night club next month. It would be interesting to see if they carry their menu and concept over to the night life. I had eaten here once before they closed, food was ok but wasnt impressed with the service and it was pretty costly for the meal. Maybe the new place will go over better. —SaRoyal