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This is the "Talk" page for discussing the page Templates.

This page is where differences in opinions about Templates are resolved, and notes are left from one contributor to another related to content of the Templates page and the related Templates/xxxxx template pages.

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Current Templates

Note: there is a separate Talk Template page with an unspecified purpose.


Location Header

I (BradMandell) propose that we need some standards, suggestions, etc for the contents of the Header Table entry for location.

Factors for Consideration:


Some recommendations:

Your input will be greatly appreciated so that we don't have competing implementations that will require DO OVERS or "argumentative" debate.

Comments about Templates page or discussion items:

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2008-07-11 12:16:51   Many of the templates refer to image entries and suggest right alignment and limiting the size of the image to 300 pix width.

There are a number of pages where the contributor had a more "panoramic" photo to use as the most interesting and useful photo for the entry. Some examples on request.

Suggest that entries with good visual cues from a panoramic style shot feature that shot at the top of the page above the standard "template" text entries. If the shot is placed on the right, then it may appear too small or cause the standard text to "scrunch up" when the browser has a smaller window size (smaller monitor or multi-browser windows opened) —BradMandell