The Best Coffee at the Market

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#55-57 Public Market, Rochester NY, 14609 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2009)
Saturday: 6:00AM to 2:00PM
585 325 5282
Wheelchair Accessible

The Best Coffee at the Market is a coffeehouse at the Market District. They boast a large, airy post-industrial space that offers baked goods, artwork, and lots of seating indoors and out.

The Best Coffee at the Market replaced the former Java Joe's that was sold to Boulder Coffee Co. They were previously known as Java's at the Market but changed their name in 2013 to avoid confusion with Java's at the Market Coffee Roasters practically next door. Both locations sell the same Java's coffee, however.

Old Pictures

Javas4.jpgJava's on sunny fall day, 11-2010 JavasAtMarket.JPGNew Location at the Rochester Public Market. Photo by DavidGottfried Java4.jpgCold out but busy in here, Jan 2011


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2009-04-16 21:01:45   Best coffee and best crew in the whole market. Don't believe Boulder people when they say they're coffee is Java's. They bought the name in a seriously shady sort of way. This is the only place to find Java and his crew, as well as their amazing coffee in the market. —LeahRapp

2009-05-26 13:58:05   Warning: The coffee at Java's at the Market is horrible. Don't expect the same quality that you've come to enjoy at the Java's Cafe location on Gibbs St. I'm pretty sure they're using the same beans (which are excellent), but the staff at the Market location are watering the drip coffee down so much that it tastes like it came from a gas station. I've tried to go back three times now (all in May of 2009) and have been disappointed in each case. The last time I went, the coffee was so watery that I could clearly see the bottom of my styrofoam cup when was 3/4 full. It pains me to write this because I've always enjoyed (the real) Java Joe's coffee, and drink it regularly at the Gibbs Java's Cafe location: Java Joe - if you're listening - please help! —MaryAnneSchnarkles