The Marketplace Mall


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1 Miracle Mile Drive, Henrietta, NY 14623
Monday - Saturday: 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM to 6:00PM
585 475 0757 / 585 427 2745
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The Marketplace Mall (AKA Marketplace Mall) is a mid-market mall in Henrietta that is owned by Wilmorite. The mall caters to the middle class American and has 1 department store (JC Penney.) The mall includes two out-parcel buildings, one of which houses Land's End Inlet, the other Sportsman's Warehouse.

Check out the [WWW]store directory for a complete listing of all the stores.

Faced with the stresses common to shopping malls across the country Marketplace in 2016 began an announced conversion to an "outlet mall" concept. This was less successful than hoped and in November 2019 Wilmorite and UR Medicine announced that a 330,000-square-foot orthopaedic center would be created in the former Sears space, with further plans for the remainder of the mall to be announced.

Marketplace is built on the former site of [WWW]Hylan Field, built sometime in 1941-2. Hylan had two cinder-paved runways and was in use until sometime in the late 1960's. No trace of the field remains, of course.

The mall is only part of an expansive shopping district that fills the area bounded by I-390, Jefferson Road, West Henrietta Road, and Marketplace Drive.


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2005-12-23 01:45:56   Marketplace is the best mall for trendy shoe shopping. And caters to the large number of college students from Rochester's two largest universities, University of Rochester and RIT. —DrewBrown

2005-12-23 15:14:35   <devils advocate>Marketplace mall is an urban blight, a cancerous side effect of the Urban Sprawl that kills cities, and pumps out soulless automatons dedicated to a life of mindless consumption, lonelyness, and suburban blues binge-drinking. Plus, it has a Radio Shack, some game stores, and a Taco Bell. DONG!</devils advocate> —FarMcKon

"200?-??-?? 12:00:00"   Marketplace Mall used to be cool a decade ago, but now that Eastview Mall has most of the stores that Marketplace used to boast, it is simply a large playground for tweens that are allowed to venture out alone. —MelissaEvingham

2007-06-07 18:58:07   There have been rumors of a growing youth gang presence in the evening around here. —PeteB

2007-06-07 19:22:10   Perhaps that's why there is Monroe County Sheriff's substation in the Mall, near the food court? —NathanHenderson

2007-06-07 19:24:43   Suspect so...I've heard it's still pretty strong in the area. Lots of break-ins in/around the parking lot according to the Sheriff's website —PeteB

2007-12-29 23:14:55   This place is going down hill in my opinion. The only reason I would go there was if I was close to it and needed something. —BadFish

2010-12-10 00:07:08   This mall may have a lot to offer depending on the type of stores you shop at. It has many stores that Greece mall does not, and is centered close to many other shopping plazas which is very convenient. —Brayana

2012-07-30 22:29:07   This mall is alright. I enjoy a few of the stores here. The parking has been fine with me. I was able to get in and get out pretty quickly. Which is a big point for me, as I am not one for shopping. —bonnev659

2014-01-25 18:15:55   A very interesting mix between inner city "hoodlums," college kids from RIT and MCC, and Southern Tier rednecks. —sub619