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UBreakIFix is a National chain cell phone and tablet repair and accessory shop. There are multiple locations in the area. The most recent opened in Pittsford Plaza.


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2021-08-31 16:37:52   Mac Users Beware!! An honest and cautionary tale of how this shop WASTED 2 weeks of my work and personal life with their inexperience, terrible customer service and general idiocy.

To start off, I have owned my own computer all my life and have always taken exceptional care of them. I need use of graphic programs for work, and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a Macbook Pro 16” last year, my first ever Apple computer. Now, it was my own fault and nobody else’s with what actually happened to my laptop – I spilled water on it in a moment of when I was trying to be cautious and I have nobody else to blame but myself. So I immediately freaked out, flipped it over, tried to dry it out as much as I could. Shortly after, the display went black and I force turned it off and left it upside down in a v-shape to try and dry it out further overnight. This was Wednesday night (8/11).

Thursday Morning (8/12): After spending a sleepless night worrying, I tried to turn it on the next day and while I would hear the startup sound, still a black screen. I was supposed to go out of town in a couple of days, so frantically I called Ubreakifix, as I had seen a review that they had handled a similar situation for someone in the past with positive feedback.

The first thing that happens? The person on the phone asks me what computer it is, and then proceeds to say “Oh, that’s an expensive computer!” Yes, I know it is expensive – I paid for the thing, I know the price tag, hence why I am so agitated at the moment. As I am describing to them what happened and asked for advice on what to do – they CONTINUED to keep telling me how expensive my laptop is! Yes, I know, can we move on to what should I do?? Frankly this kind of comment from a dingdong that clearly doesn’t understand what customer service or social skills are should have just been my first red flag on what was to come – BECAUSE IT IS AN ENTIRE SAGA OF TRASH.

They swore up and down that if I tried to bring in my laptop to Apple that all they would do is refuse me service because it’s water damage and would instead make me buy a new machine instead (which is NOT true actually, I found that out a week later when I called Apple myself to verify this when I had returned from being out of town – yes, it is more complicated and expensive to bring it to Apple, but I would NOT have been refused service). So in my panicked state, I agreed to come immediately and let them handle my machine.

THEN, while I am at the shop and the associate is checking in my machine – he asks me some details about it (mind you this is the same person I talked to on the phone), and proceeds to comment about what a nice laptop it is and then tacks on “well it was”. WTF – who even MAKES comments like this to customers?? Clearly you have someone who is distraught and nearly on the verge of tears in front of you and you make boneheaded comments like this to them?? This should have been my second red flag, but I was desperate to get my laptop in somewhere to get it repaired as I was going out of town, so I overlooked the dumb comments about my laptop and went home, leaving it in their care.

About an hour later someone from this store calls me and tells me that they tested it out and it seemed battery got shorted out as it was reading at barely alive and in order to do any further investigation and test it for damage, that they would have to install a new battery – which I approved, and I asked them if they could update me the following day regarding the status of my laptop and they said sure.

Friday (8/13): The next day the whole day goes by with no news and around 4-5pm, I decided to call them to see if they had a status update. I was only THEN informed that it would take a few days to get a battery in since they did not carry this battery in stock. While disappointed in only JUST finding this out, I accepted it and said ok I understood.

Monday (8/16): I get a call from them letting me know that the battery that they had ordered turned out to be defective, apologized for the inconvenience and that they already ordered a replacement but it wouldn’t arriving be until Friday. Fine, Fool me once.

Friday (8/20): I am on pins and needles all day waiting for news. At 5pm, I can’t wait any longer and decide to be proactive and call the shop to see if they had any status updates, as remember I still don’t know if there is any other extensive damage and they told me they couldn’t check until they had the new battery installed. The guy on the phone informs me that they had gotten the second battery in the previous day (Thursday) and that it also turned out to be defective and they had already ordered another battery from a different supplier this time. Upon hearing this, I nearly exploded, while trying to keep my cool and not completely rip this person on the other end of the phone an entirely new intestinal tract. The person on the phone apologized and told me that it had happened on his day off and he was unaware that nobody had contacted me and then explained that because they are NOT a Mac authorized repair shop that they cannot buy parts for Macs directly from Apple, so they buy them off Amazon.

A million questions are going through my head at this point such as: 1) Why are they leaving this kind of communication to ONE person in the entire shop to handle? I’m sure he doesn’t work 7 days a week. 2) What is this shoddy supplier they are getting batteries from? 3) What if they are buying cheaply made batteries to put in my machine to maximize on profits? 4) What’s going to happen 2 months down the line if this crappy battery breaks down? 5) What if this crappy battery explodes inside my laptop? 6) Are they actually even capable of fixing my laptop? 7) What other options do I have at this point – it’s already been a week that I have been sitting around not able to accomplish anything for work and projects are getting delayed as a result. And 8) What? They are not an authorized Mac repair location? Ok, fine if they aren’t, but they literally have MAC repair listed under their storefront name, outside of the shop, so one would think that if they were brought a machine that they claim to be able to repair that they are knowledgeable enough to repair it.

The person who I was talking to was patient and answered all my questions (thank goodness at least ONE person at this establishment has customer service and social skills) and after calling Apple and seeing what my options were, I ultimately decided to let this shop have one more try at fixing my laptop since they already had another battery on the way and taking it to a different place would delay things even further. I was informed that the battery would be delivered on Wednesday (8/25) and also reassured that there was a note in my file to let me know immediately of any updates on my laptop’s status.

Wednesday (8/25): Almost this whole day goes by with no call. So I decided to be proactive (AGAIN) and called them around 5pm to see if they had any status updates. I was informed that they received the battery, and tested it out to be ANOTHER defective battery! Had I not called them, who knows how long it would have taken for anybody to notify me, despite there being a glaring note about it in my file and reassurances from their other associate that I would be?? So understandably and to correctly summarize how I felt – I WAS PISSED BEYOND BELIEF. It had now been almost 2 weeks that they had my laptop and 3 defective brand new batteries later they had made zero progress to even begin fixing it! Each passing day was costing me money and I had ENOUGH of this ridiculousness! I informed the person on the phone that I would be coming promptly to pick up my laptop, did so, and brought it to another place that I had researched over the weekend in case things went south one more time.

The KICKER about this entire story? When I brought it to AN ACTUAL Mac Authorized Repair place, they took one look at it for 30 seconds and told me that they didn’t think it was my battery that was the issue TO BEGIN WITH!!! The next day, I get a call from this new place and they confirmed that it wasn’t even my battery at all, but actually my display!!! So not only had Ubreakifix TOTALLY misdiagnosed my issue, but COMPLETELY wasted 2 weeks of my life and my livelihood with their cluelessness and ineptitude!!! How is this business even still open???

TL;DR: Terrible customer service and social skills, and a total waste of my life that I will never get back or get paid for since I depend on this laptop for work. 3 “defective batteries” later, turns out they have defective brains! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL FOR ANYTHING - If I could give them negative stars I would!!! —AuroraT