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Billy and his partner live in Webster with their dog, Kai. He works two days a week at the Olympia Restaurant; where he started when he was 15. The owners are like family, so he hasn't been able to give it up. A few years ago, while out with some friends that owned a real estate company, he decided to get his license and become a realtor. He worked with a small local company; Riverview Realty Group, for three years. After careful consideration, he has recently decided to join [WWW]Nothnagle Realtors at their Webster office.

Prior to moving to Webster, they lived on Madison Street in the Susan B. Anthony neighborhood and were members of the neighborhood association. The neighbors were great and the 1857 house was beautiful. However, he and his partner decided to start the adoption process through [WWW]Monroe County and after many discussions, moved to Webster. The process has been long and sometimes frustrating, but they persevere. Billy and his partner met some wonderful people going through the foster/adoption licensing process. While the focus has been on adoption, they did foster a 9 year old boy for a few months last year. The hard part was letting go when it was time for him to go home. However, the experience was great and they still maintain a relationship with him today.

Billy supports the [WWW]Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, [WWW]Seneca Park Zoo and the [WWW]HRC.

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2007-08-24 21:15:50   Billy—Welcome to Rocwiki. I ported all your info over to Riverview GMAC Realty so that the format fits better for the Wiki. Think you'll find it looks better too! Please let us know if you have any questions. —PeteB

2007-09-21 23:27:18   That's a great bio. And thank you for respecting wiki etiquette in your most recent round of page updates. For future reference, don't use underscores in internal links. You only need them in the URL and in interwiki links.

Also, I noticed we don't have a page on Olympia Restaurant, so I would encourage you to create one using the business template. For your convenience, I've linked it from your profile. —DaveMahon

2007-09-21 23:42:43   Regarding your adoption process. I know it's a long and winding road that can really test you. Have you talked to members of [WWW]Pride and Joy? They may be able to provide guidance and support on your journey. —DaveMahon