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Gary Gocek Liverpool, NY USA Perinton, NY USA
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Music, tech stuff, faith and family stuff
Software engineer (retired)
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[WWW]Gary Gocek
PHSR website
[WWW]Polish Heritage Society of Rochester
[WWW]Theological reflections and opinions with a progressive and scholarly approach.

gary-gocek.jpg I have tried to be an active editor since 2020. I find that I focus more on general pages about life in the Rochester area, rather than on business openings and closings. On the international Wikipedia site, it's a big deal for a person or organization to have a page, but it's rare for me to go looking on Wikipedia for the next great rock band. I go to Wikipedia for general information, and I hope people with an interest in Rochester can come to Rocwiki for an overview. It's important to remember the great innovations like personal cameras and office machines, and to discuss the benefits of living on a Great Lake, but it's also important to expose the blemishes such as poverty.

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2014-01-06 09:45:38   Good to see you on RocWiki, Gary! Pete (former Henrietta blogger) —peteb

2020-10-06 15:12:56   Gary he may come back at some point. We don't remove those because he did make contributions. —peteb

2020-10-06 18:16:56   Pete's comment refers to Wiki_Community/Acceptable_Use_Policy which, as of this timestamp, has not been edited since 2008 except for an explanatory comment from me. —GaryGocek

2023-01-08 13:39:04   The former RCSD School #1 closed several years ago. The building is currently occupied by School #15 (The Children's School of Rochester). —markjackson

2023-01-09 19:31:16   Thanks Mark, I was adding links for the teachers union and noticed a bad link, so I fixed the bad link. Someone should spend some time on the RCSD page, but I have little knowledge about RCSD. —GaryGocek