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About Me

I am a graduate student in Physics at the University of Rochester. I even have a [WWW]webpage!

I moved to Rochester from California in August 2004. In California I lived in Berkeley (1998-2004) and San Diego (Summer 2004).

I moved away from Rochester in December 2006. I currently live in Pasadena, California and work at Caltech. I'm moving to Louisiana in December.

Contact Information

email: tobin AT
AIM: nomadicity2718
livejournal: [WWW]nibot
phone: 510-520-9697
residence: Ant Hill Cooperative [WWW]
flickr (new photos): [WWW]
(old) photography: [WWW]


starting a co-op: Returning from a year abroad in Sweden and Israel, I found myself back in Berkeley with nowhere to live. I applied to the [WWW]co-op system there and was amazed at what I discovered. Thoroughly converted to the co-op dream, I've set about trying to start a co-op in Rochester. The resulting project is Ant Hill Cooperative.

house-to-house wireless: In Berkeley there are about fifteen co-op houses, many of which can see each other from their rooftops. A few weeks before I moved away from Berkeley we set about a project to determine whether we could establish rooftop-to-rooftop wireless network connections using off-the-shelf WiFi equipment and high-gain antennas. It appeared that the necessary lines-of-sight exist. Unfortunately I moved away from Berkeley before we were able to implement this. I still have two high-gain Yagi antennae and a box of Orinoco cards in my closet... Maybe we can do something like this in Rochester.

community wiki: Sometime in the Spring of 2004 I got the idea to start a "GeoWiki," which would be a website with a map of the local area showing dots where notable things were located. Clicking on these dots would take you to a user-edited wiki page about the thing. This idea transmogrified into the simpler idea of just having a Wiki dedicated to a certain locality: Berkeley, California in our case. [WWW]BerkeleyWiki was born! That summer, Philip Neustrom at UC Davis picked up this idea and ran with it, resulting in the incredibly beautiful, popular, and useful [WWW]DavisWiki. Now Philip is sharing the resulting Wiki software with us for use in this wiki (ROCwiki).

critical mass: It's been a personal mission of mine to restart Critical Mass in Rochester.

structure and interpretation of classical mechanics: [WWW]

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blatant self-promotion.

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2005-08-02 11:39:33   Tobin: Thanks for the welcome. I honestly don't remember how I ran across rocwiki, but I had e-mailed the URL to myself around a month ago as a reminder to drop in and poke around. I stumbled across the reminder over the weekend while I was starting to brainstorm some ideas for adding content to, a site that I run. Now that I've kicked the tires on rocwiki a little bit I'm also wondering about how the "consensus by committee" approach might fit in at, where I'm the manager in charge of production. Folks there are a bit intrigued by blogging right now, but it typically doesn't spawn the interactivity and chatter that wikis lend themselves to. —JohnMoriello

2005-08-02 14:08:47   Your edits for today are a blast Tobin! I see you are making the rounds and making introductions. —FarMcKon

2006-06-15 18:18:15   '"Travelling Salesman" for ROC'? I'm completely tunnel-visioned on this as a CompSci. And oh, thanks for turning me on to SpokePov. I know just the person to buy it for. —ChristineLeo

2008-09-23 08:12:57   Hi Tobin, you hereby ADOPT TobinFricke/Frustrations, TobinFricke/Groceries, and TobinFricke/Scratch which are otherwise Orphan Pages - Thanks (:>} —BradMandell