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Zahra's Interests
General: Hedonism
—-Zahra's Details
Status: Committed
Here for: Information exchange
Hometown: Weed, CA
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

About Zahra:
Born and raised in rural Northern California, I came to Rochester via Michigan (grad school) to work for Xerox as a UI Designer and now a Design Analyst. My partner and I make our home in the South Wedge where we enjoy lovely neighbors, walks in Highland Park and quick access to all the amazing Wedge enterprises. We recently started a small business of our own: [WWW]Hedonist Artisan Chocolates and spend most of our time on it. I am enjoying life in Rochester and interested in getting to know more about it, joining RocWiki is a step in that direction.

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2009-03-28 07:50:03   Hi Zahra, I fixed the User Complicated template to put the Users/ in front of the username and am using your entry to test it out. I am a former Xeroid and former resident of California (MS Stanford - 69); I welcome you to RocWiki. —BradMandell

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2012-06-08 11:21:40   Made the changes. Thanks for the update/correction! —TippingPoint