Vineyards Area

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Centered on Franklin High School, very close to Irondequoit
North - Route 104
South - Norton Street
East - Hudson Avenue
West - Carter Street
Neighborhood Association
[WWW]The Vineyards Neighborhood Association

The Vineyards Area - formerly know as the LeFrois Street Area - is a residential mini-neighborhood within the overall boundaries of Group 14621. Most of the area is dominated by Benjamin Franklin Montessori School and its grounds. Homes here tend to be very small and built primarily in the 1940s and '50s, with a few 1920s-30s present. Cape Cods and little ranches predominate. The Vineyards Neighborhood Association is very active, promoting safety, beautification projects, and addressing problems such as graffiti and sneakers on telephone lines. General meetings are held three times a year.

LeFrois Street itself is a very short road located almost in the neighborhood's center.

The historic Pulaski Library building is located here.


Located on Norton Street and Hudson.


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