Amos Rosenstein: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Chris Coon: Keyboard, Vocals
Dave Goebel: Drums, Vocals
Geoff Saunders: Bass, Vocals

Walri is a local band that was winner of the University of Rochester 2007 Battle of the Bands.

Walri is a small group of happy-go-lucky friends that really love everything that music has to offer. Their influences are wide, and so is their sound. They are known as genre chameleons, jumping from late '60's inspired love-rock to roots country bluegrass to funky dunky to Brazilian Bossa Nova to shoegaze cowpunk to electronic rock candy. They call the result "love-rock."

Walri is dedicated to writing and playing music with craftsmanship and skill...or not, when the songs call for a more gritty, raw sound. Walri asks the questions that most dare not ask: have we made sure that our music will induce hypnotic smiles? Have we avoided cliche's while not turning our backs on tonality? It's 10:00pm; do you know where my keys are?

Some highlights include opening for Ben Lee at the 2006 Lilac Festival in Rochester, and opening for Reel Big Fish on the University of Rochester campus for the D-Day 2006 celebration. The band loves Rochester and can often be found busking near Javas (Gibbs and East), or accompanying the Geva Comedy Improv Troupe. Walri has been building a strong and loyal fanbase at the University of Rochester, The Eastman School of Music, SUNY Fredonia, the greater Rochester area, and in NYC. This summer, Walri will be sharing a stage at Boulderfest, opening for renowned art rockers Dr. Dog.

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2009-01-21 20:58:11   Saw them on inauguration night, and they were incredible. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. Keep it up guys, you sound great! —jlankheet

2010-02-15 12:57:28   Lots of fun to see live. Their album 'Paper Crane' is great, too.

Thank you, Lady D. :) —ChrisSpiller