West Winds Cafe

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2453 Dewey Avenue, Rochester, NY 14615 [Directions]
Hours (as of August 2011 per Website)
Tuesday - Friday: 6:00AM to 1:30PM
Saturday - Sunday: 7:00AM to 12:00PM
Monday: Closed
585 621 5530
Wheelchair Accessible
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West Winds Cafe is a family-owned cafe in Maplewood that serves breakfast and lunch items at low prices. They also do catering.


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2010-11-11 21:28:33   Had breakfast for the first time here the other day and it was really good. They were very busy, so that definitely slowed things down a bit, but the quality of the food (particularly the eggs) was very good. There must be a huge demand for breakfast places along this strip cause I seem to either go to Patti's Pantry, West Winds, or The Peppermill every weekend for breakfast. Gotta try the Dewey Ave. next! —DavidGottfried