Wiki Community/LocalWiki Migration


This page is a to-do list of things that need done before RocWiki moves to the [WWW]LocalWiki code base.


Migration Procedure

Currently takes about 1.5 hours to export the database and 5 hours to import it into LocalWiki.

Snapshot production server
Restore snapshot onto new instance (Linode 2048 minimum!) and boot into Finnix
ssh into lish, do the following:

fsck /dev/xvda && mount /dev/xvda && cd /media/xvda
mount --bind /proc proc
mount --bind /dev/shm dev/shm
sysctl kernel.shmmax=150000000
chroot .
/etc/init.d/postgresql-8.3 start
cd /home/rocwiki/live_production/Sycamore
python --just_pages
python --just_files
python --just_maps

Copy dumps to sapling instance.

Import dumps and reindex: (NOTE: Check branch name in github URL)

sudo curl --location --output /usr/share/localwiki/env/src/localwiki-import-wikis/import_wikis/sycamore/
sudo sed --in-place=.bak 's/\/home\/philip\/sycamore/\/home\/rtucker\/sycamore/' /usr/share/localwiki/env/src/localwiki-import-wikis/import_wikis/sycamore/
sudo localwiki-manage runscript syc_import --script-args=destroy *.xml 2>&1 | tee import_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.txt
sudo localwiki-manage rebuild_index

Import History


Broken things

Local flavor to add

Projects for users

Discussion / Q&A