Wizard of Clay Pottery

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Location woc1.jpgThe Wizard of Clay 11-2009
7851 Route 20A, Bloomfield, NY 14469
[WWW]Website Locations Page
Hours (as of March 2011 per Website)
Daily: 9:00PM to 5:00PM
Except Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's
585 229 2980/585 229 4639
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed
<wizard AT wizardofclay DOT com>
[WWW]Magical Experience - Penn Yan Chron Express
[WWW]Wizard of Clay Marks 30 Years on MPNNow.com

woc2.jpgThe Main Geodesic Dome 11-2009 Wizard of Clay Pottery is a pottery maker with a workshop and retail outlet in Bloomfield on Route 20A.

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woc3.jpgStock on Shelves 11-2009 woc4.jpgThe Wizard's Workshop 11-2009


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2009-07-30 19:21:11   Happened to catch a the business [WWW]featured on an R News' "Travels on Route 20" segment today (July 30, 2009). Looks like a very interesting place to stop by if you are out and about in the area around Bristol, between Honeoye and Canandaigua Lake. They showed a pushpin map filled by visitors from around the world putting in pins at their home location - very cool idea. the pottery looked quite nice on the TV (:>) —BradMandell

2009-11-01 20:14:38   An absolute gem for this area, well worth the drive, only about 45 minutes from the City, maybe 20-25 minutes from Canandaigua, about 20 minutes from Naples. This place is one-of-a-kind, the pottery is wonderful to see, there are designs that will appeal to everyone. This guy really is a "wizard" of sorts. Very cool to walk through, you can wander all the way back right into the workshop. Great place for extremely unique gifts, and the pricing is quite reasonable considering this is hand-made artwork, not mass-produced goods. —DottieHoffmann

2009-11-02 19:26:22   Thanks for the Photos Dottie. —BradMandell