Woodcliff Hotel & Spa

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199 Woodcliff Drive, Perinton, NY 14450 [Directions]
Open 24/7
585 381 4000
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Woodcliff Hotel & Spa is a hotel, restaurant, banquet hall, bar, spa and golf course. Their restaurant is known as Horizons and their spa is known as Spa Elan at Woodcliff, both listed separately on RocWiki.

Formerly known as The Lodge at Woodcliff, now owned and operated by [WWW]Newcastle Hotels, which holds major chain hotels as well as unique independent properties like Woodcliff:


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2008-10-12 07:40:50   I've had family stay at the Woodcliff and although the rooms are very nice and I believe recently redone- the suites are outdated and not nice at all. In fact, my parents stayed one night in a regular room before they could get into their suite and once they were moved to the suite they promptly asked to be moved back due to the carpet in the suite being soaked, the entire space smelling like stale cigarettes with cigarette burns in the carpet (this is a non-smoking establishment), and crumbs and other items being left all over the floor. The restaurant, Horizons, is also just marginal. —ShawnaLusk

2009-06-03 03:57:47   My wife and I had friends and family stay here on the night of our wedding. Prior to the wedding, my father-in-law checked with the bar to see if they would be open after the reception (maybe around midnight). He was told that they would be open since it was a Saturday night and would stay open especially if we (25plus people) would be there.

After the reception, we made it back to the hotel to continue our fun filled evening. Upon arrival, we headed toward the bar. The bartender said, "Sorry, we're closed for the night". My father-in-law explained the situation and was told by the bartender, "Sorry, but we're still closed". This was a big let-down.

After everyone had gone to their rooms, my wife and I went to our suite. After making it up to the bedroom, I kicked off my shoes... one going under the bed. I got on my hands and knees to retrieve my shoe to find a rat snap trap under the bed. YUCK!

Next we got into the hot tub. While we were in there, a cockroach ran accross the floor. I jumped out of the tub and got it with a tissue.

The following morning, I delivered the roach to the front desk and explained our experience. We were only appologized to by the desk person. We asked that someone contacted us, but they never did.

We followed up on this with a letter to which we had no response.

My wife, friends and family have relayed this story to as many people as possible.

We certainly will NOT be going back... especially for the food. Who even knows what happens in the kitchen!!! —Magdelan