Young's Korean Restaurant

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120 Mushroom Blvd., Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions]
Hours (as of July 2009)
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: 11:00AM to 9:30PM
Friday/Saturday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
Sunday: 11:30AM to 9:00PM
585 427 7650
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Young's Korean Restaurant is a Korean restaurant on Mushroom Boulevard off Clay Road. The owner was formerly the head chef at Seoul Garden, who left to start his own restaurant.

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2007-03-04 16:37:11   I enjoyed a great Korean dinner at Young's with my family. The place is definitely still getting started, so don't expect authentic Korean decor in the place. But that's not what you're looking want great tasting Korean cuisine. Young's did not disappoint. —NathanHenderson

2007-03-23 08:07:11   Great Korean food here. I went right after they opened and had a great meal. Went back later and the waitress heard me saying how I liked octopus and brought me some of the chef's special octopus dish. Yum! Cheap prices too. —KimBee

2007-03-23 10:26:49   Very tasty, decent service, and reasonable prices. —DanielMiner

2007-03-30 01:53:11   Lots of great stuff on the menu. Definitely check out the Sundubu Chigae (a spicy soft tofu stew). —NathanHenderson

2007-03-31 15:42:16   I think I like the panchan at this place the best...our favorite waitress from Seoul Garden (uh, not saying much, I know) is also here, yay! —ChristineLeo

2007-06-05 00:43:54   Loved the bi bim bap! —CatherineConnolly

2007-06-14 17:46:21   I had a cold last week, and a big bowl of spicy YookGaeJang cleared things right up! —NathanHenderson

2007-06-22 10:59:34   The box lunches are tasty and come with banchan. Nice. My waitress was very friendly and attentive. I'll be back —EastSideStephen

2007-08-29 18:16:25   extremly delicious, everyone should try it! —MicheleGulliver

2007-11-08 16:20:55   Ate here 2 weeks ago. Loved it. Will definitely be back. —MarcVera

2007-12-08 10:40:25   I went there last weekend, and I must say I wasn't impressed.

I ordered the DukManDuGuk. Some of the rice cake pieces were soft, some were hard as a rock. What the heck happened there? That kind of ruined the dish for me, as well as the fact there was way too much garlic in there.

My boyfriend ordered the Kalbi. It was good, but I think Seoul Garden's is better.

The staff was alright. I'd say they were semi-attentive. However, my boyfriend didn't like that the wait staff wouldn't respond to him at all, maybe because he was the only white person in the restaurant. Every time he'd say thank you, they wouldn't say anything, but when I'd say thank you, they'd say you're welcome. Strange. —RochesterCalifornia

2007-12-13 10:45:16   I had the Korean BBQ short ribs of beef. They were well cooked, and had a delicious seasoning. It was a memorable meal for the food. They they had a huge flat screen TV with a Korean station on. Also, the restaurant was located in an industrial area of Henrietta. Despite this, they were packed on a Friday night. One good thing about the weird location is that it's near the movie theater, so it's a good pre-theater option. So, go for the food, not the decor or location. —BenMargolis

2008-05-16 02:33:22   After having switched from Seoul Garden to Sodam (Korea House) for quite a while, it was good to have the kimchi cucumbers in the banchan (appetizers) again... but the trade-off is that they don't have the spicy fish cakes like Sodam. I had some perfectly spicy kimchi chigae - could've used a bit more meat, but the flavor was so good I didn't really care. My friend got one of the lunch plates, which had a variety of tasty-looking stuff. —McgMatt

2008-11-03 14:18:17   Good authentic Korean food. Lots of banchan (side dishes that come with the meal). Better food than Sodam and Seoul Garden. —hkang

2009-04-18 03:09:54   I don't have much experience with Korean food so I cannot speak of its authenticity. However, dukboki was good (a tad pricey for what it is though). The kalbi and spicy shrimp stir fry were excellent. The bulgogi was tasty. I really loved the banchan (especially the pickled spicy cucumber). It was a busy night so the server forgot to give us water and keep it refilled. It took forever to get someone's attention to bring out the rice. The server apologized later - she seemed genuine about it. Overall, it was a great experience but given the somewhat higher prices (>$12..perhaps this is average for Korean in the area?), I might try out a different place first before returning. Other than the price, I strongly recommend this place. —OneLove

2009-05-15 01:02:38   I can't say how strongly I recommend this restaurant. Sodom and Seoul Garden are satisfying enough, but Young's has them beat. The banchan here is the place's best attraction—the kimchi is much superior to its competitors. For entrees, I'd suggest the kimchi casserole or one of the staples like be bim bop or spicy pork bulgogi. They also have a tasty fried seafood pancake. —JohnHavard

2009-05-28 13:59:31   Hands down, my absolute favorite Korean Restaurant that I've ever been to. I have been visiting Suk (waitress) when she worked at Seoul Garden, and when her and Young opened Young's, I was more than happy and willing to go their restaurant because of the service, and excellent food. Daejibulgogi (spicy pork) is my absolute favorite along with yookgaejang (spicy soup) and duk boki(spicy rice cake appetizer) After a while, you're like family and they both memorize your favorites and how you like them prepared. I go there at least two-three times a week, and I always leave full and happy! very generous portions and lots of yummy sides! :) —R

2009-11-17 09:28:46   Can't say enough about the food, it is wonderful. Don't go for the atmosphere, go for the food. The service is wonderful as well, smiling attentive, very friendly. I am so happy I found it! I agree with NathanH, the YookGaeJang is fragrant and VERY spicy, just how I like it! —cbcritic

2009-12-30 12:06:43   Everytime I feel like eating Korean, I go to this place. I have tried some dishes like their seafood pancake, stews, stoneware dishes and they are all really good..My favorite is the Chicken Yachebokum which I have everytime now. Not too expensive. The people are good and smiling. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. —RocResident

2010-03-14 23:44:59   Although I love the food here, the fact that they don't stick to their stated hours has become a little annoying. I've come by several times when they've chosen not to serve me because they had decided to close early. If this only happened occasionally or if it happened because I decided to come in 15 minutes before closing, it would be understandable. But it's happened several times lately, many of them two hours or so before closing.

Oh well. I can't say that I won't be back. The food here is so significantly better than Sodam and Seoul Garden that I'm sure I'll keep going by. —JohnHavard

2010-06-02 14:02:17   best korean restaurant in rochester! this place is amazing, best food, best owners! they always remember what we want, and they are too sweet!! —R

2010-08-21 18:09:07   Wow...the pancake!!! My first time eating Korean ever, and I will be back. When they say spicy, they mean medium spicy, but everything fresh, yummy, and visually appealing. I loved the variety of pickle and side dishes they put on the table. Our waitress was deadpan funny, too! Can't wait to come back and just have a pancake all to myself (no sharing! all mine!). —StellaRegulus

2010-10-22 22:21:18   They supposedly close at 10pm on Friday nights. Four of us went in, and after the waitress took us to our seats, she said 'you have 30mins'. not only that, everything was so rushed and the meals were not prepared correctly. some dishes were cold. After the waitress counted our about 30% tip, she was like sorry it was so rushed, i had to go home too you know. what kinda service is that? I would not recommend it to anyone. —kristenchen

2011-01-01 22:00:26   LOVE their soups! I often order the soondubu here, fantastic! —jberna

2011-03-20 02:18:40   This remains my #1 choice for Korean food. Amazing service, amazing food - what more can you ask for? —OneLove

2011-09-27 13:54:04   I agree with OneLove! This is the BEST Korean restaurant, hands down!! =) —R

2011-12-03 11:56:06   Young's gets our vote for the best Korean in town as well! It's a little off the beaten path, but well worth looking for. Last night we had the pork dumplings and two kinds of the bibimbob, which is always delicious. Friendly, attentive service, and dirt cheap! What's not to love? —JGerek

2012-04-15 20:26:36   Super delish —xanthm

2014-08-13 13:23:22   Went there for the first time for lunch today, the food was outstanding just as all the previous comments indicate. Can't wait to go back. —PaulWitkowski