Zemeta Ethiopian Restaurant

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1015 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester NY, 14620 [Directions]
Hours (as of August 2013)
Wednesday - Monday: 11:00AM to 10:30PM
585 244 3344
Wheelchair Accessible
Yes, but not restrooms
[WWW]2013-10-8 D&C review
[WWW]2013-8-15 Afrikana Press review

Zemeta is an Ethiopian restaurant in Highland Park/Swillburg. It opened in July 2013.


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2013-08-03 12:46:19   Having eaten in every Ethiopian restaurant that has ever existed in Rochester (and a few in other large cities) I can honestly say that the food and service here last night was the best I have ever experienced. All of the items we had were nicely prepared and spiced, with just a bit of a kick from some green chiles/peppers in several items. Service was friendly, attentive and informative. The decor in the small restaurant is simple but pleasant - but I would prefer to not have the TV on in the dining area. Prices can't be beat - my wife and I shared a lamb dish and the vegetarian combo, with more food than we could eat for under $16. One suggestion: for a place where you eat messy food with your hands, they need to provide more substantial napkins. —jgerek

2013-08-28 19:32:28   Like the previous reviewer, my wife and I have also eaten in every Ethiopian restaurant that has ever existed in Rochester. And we also can report that the food and service at this restaurant are exceptional. A small, attractively decorated dining room located in a neighborhood filled with a variety of ethnic restaurants. The friendly, helpful service and the flexible menu make it possible to order a wide variety of different combinations of dishes. Every dish we tried was delicious. Even an individual not familiar with Ethiopian food should easily able to find something to like. And the prices are indeed very modest for the amount of food provided.

2013-09-04 16:17:31   My wife and I ate here on a Monday night and I have to agree,from the food to the service, this is the best Ethiopian I've eaten in Rochester. We got a vegetarian combo for 2 people and had more than enough food to eat. Everything was delicious and drinks and injera were replenshed before we even knew it needed to be. The owner, who was also our waiter, was also extremely helpful. Not only was he happy to explain what everything was, but when he saw our 1 year old liked one of the dishes, he brought out some from the kitchen just for her. I can't wait to go back, and I hope this place lasts a long time here. —georgebluth

2013-09-21 22:41:31   Ate here for the first time tonight. I had never had Ethiopian food in Rochester before but compared to other places I've had Ethiopian, this was definitely as good or better. On Fridays/Saturdays they have an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet with injera and rice for $9.99. You can't really beat that. They also have a menu of other standards. Service is very attentive. No liquor license yet. Good food, good prices. Will be going back early and often. —MadameTartine

2014-01-04 15:30:56   Had the aforementioned $9.99 vegetarian buffet last night with my dining companion, and boy, was it good! Delicious! Red lentils, yellow lentils, green beans, potatoes, salad, wonderful injera, the whole shebang was wonderful. We experienced the same friendly service. Highly recommended. We will be back as we want to try some meat items off the menu. —KatieSchmitz

2014-03-06 14:41:46   Outstanding food and great price. Very flavorful and expertly balanced spices. The vegetarian platter can make the most devout carnivore realize how vegetarians can eat a meal without meat and be satisfied. —alexd1234

2014-05-31 18:23:00   Just tonight had another fantastic meal here from the vegetarian buffet. The 3 yo wasn't as enamored of the food as we were, so we'll just have to bring her back to help her expand her palate. Highly recommended. —KatieSchmitz