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2006-06-10 15:44:56   Bamba Bistro is no longer the 'fancy' place it used to be. They've "Rochesterized" it, i.e. made it more affordable, replaced the esoteric dishes w/ familiar (read: boring) ones. —ChristineLeo

2006-07-14 22:55:39   The old Rio was tough to beat, but taken on its own terms, Bamba Bistro still delivers on several fronts. I had a wonderfully prepared trout almondine last time I was there, got a great bottle of wine, and finished it with good strong coffee and a great creme brulee - all in a beautifully restored building. —RochesterGuy

2006-12-20 08:48:43   There are some things that are best left to their classic era. Sometimes a fine memory is much better than a mediocre reincarnation. Such it is with the Bamba. Perhaps it should be renamed The Bomb, because that's what it does. Sure, there's valet parking and swanky ambiance, but it's just another formerly great venue missing the bar. What a shame. —JackPorcello

2006-12-21 16:49:23   Having never been to the Rio, I cannot compare it to the "Old Place". I found the service to be outstanding (a waiter and waitress both served our table), prompt attention to water glasses, skilled serving of food and opening of wine bottles. The staff was wonderful, gracious, accomodating. The food was delicious, artfully presented and generously portioned. The seasonings were perfect and the pairing of tastes and textures was outstanding. The selections available were unusual enough to satisfy the gourmet. All in all a wonderful evening and one I would look forward to again. —DeniseElliott

2007-02-10 12:38:52   Top notch meal last night. Excellent service, attentive but not annoying. Atmosphere was quiet, warm, and very comfortable. Prices pretty high, but food was worth it. I liked this restaruant better than 2 Vine. Also, none of the snobby airs of the Rio. I wish they had free or non-valet parking. —CindyKin

2007-08-30 15:24:31   I have always enjoyed my meals at the Rio and the Bamba. The atmosphere is great and I would reccommend the restaurant to others.

The Rio was upscale, the Bamba Bistro is just trendy. —MrRochester

2007-09-18 16:22:42   My wife and I went to Bamba Bistro a couple of times and we have always enjoyed it.

The ambient is nice and reasonably quiet and the tables are spaced sufficiently apart to permit private discussions. The service is pretty good, attentive and prompt; waiting time for the food could be a little shorter though.

Food quality and selection is very good: familiar dishes with some innovation; nothing really exotic or experimental. Cooking was always perfect and the presentation is original as well. Portions are generous, but that's an American standard.

The wine selection is limited but not trivial: there are wines from different national regions and from all around the world. Nice selection by the glass too.

The prices are probably high for the area but the atmosphere, the service and the food quality justify them. —AndreaCogliati