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Southeast Quadrant, adjacent to suburb of Brighton.
North - Elmcroft Road
South - Blossom Road and part of Dorchester Road
East - The city line and Fairhaven Road
West - North Winton north of Dorchester, Beresford Road south of Dorchester
Neighborhood Association
Browncroft Neighborhood Association

Browncroft is an affluent, suburban-style neighborhood in the city of Rochester. It shares a long western border with the popular North Winton Village. The area is exclusively residential, but is adjacent to North Winton Road's active, walkable commercial district.

Located to the east is Brighton, from which Browncroft was annexed in 1914.

Browncroft is especially famous for its stately homes built in the early twentieth century. Most are part of the Browncroft Historic District and listed in the [WWW]National Register of Historic Places. Their grandeur and excellent preservation have made the neighborhood a popular site for Landmark Society house tours.

The neighbors help maintain the Browncroft Rose Garden Park which helps welcome visitors to this neighborhood.

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