East End Garage

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EastEndGarage.jpgEast End Garage entrance

475 East Main Street, Rochester NY, 14604 [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2014)
585 325 7860
Rates (as of December 2014)
Rates for Days, Weekends, Evenings and Special Events
1st Hour - $2.00
2nd Hour - $2.00
3rd Hour - $4.00
4th Hour - $6.00
5th Hour - $8.00
daily maximum - $8.00
Monthly Parking—
Student: $41.00
Regular Monthly: $72.00

The East End Parking Garage is a parking garage located in downtown Rochester NY (in the East End). It's bordered on the north by Main Street, on the east by Scio Street, on the west by Swan Street and on the south by East Avenue. The garage is accessible from Main Street, Swan Street and East Avenue.


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2014-12-04 22:14:51   Just parked at East End Parking Garage for the Vienna Boys Choir at Kodak Hall. ONE person on duty at each entrance. Really??!! Slow, slow process. Many people were late for the concert due to inadequate staffing in the parking garage. No wonder people don't want to come downtown for events. Put more staff on for the HOUR before the concert. I'm sure it won't cut into your profits too much. —nschreib57