Scio Street

Downtown and Northeast Quadrant
North - Central Park
South - East Avenue
Approx 1.3 miles

Scio Street is a route that runs north from downtown's East End and Grove Place neighborhoods into South Marketview Heights. Downtown it is primarily commercial and very active. The Marketview Heights portion, however, is lined with old homes converted to low-income housing and vacant lots. This section also has several churches. It is generally fine on Saturdays during Public Market hours and can be used by cyclists as an alternative to busy, unsafe East Main.

Major intersections are East Main Street, University Avenue, and the Inner Loop. Scio also crosses train tracks. South of East Avenue it turns into Broadway Street.

Located on Scio Street

Traveling north.

East End Garage is on the corner of Scio and East Main. The grounds of World of Inquiry School No. 58 are bordered by Scio and University.

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