Harvest Cafe



Former Location
298 Exchange Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14608

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Closed in early 2016.


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2013-10-27 11:22:24   After the initial excitement of possibly finding a place in the city with a full breakfast AND decent coffee, we were sorely disappointed. Honestly, the food was very good. Fresh fruit salad as a side, decent selection too. Breakfast stops at noon (we were informed of this until we tried to order), but there was rumor they may extend it. The wait staff and management were poor, which really did dampen the tastiness of the food. It's also a bit hard to enjoy your meal to the beats of Justin Bieber and Jay-Z being played too loudly in an area that reverberates EVERY noise (including the noise of the waitstaff complaining about various costumers). Also, double check your credit card statement if you use it to pay- our waitress tipped herself an extra $20 on a $25 bill. —LizP

2014-01-19 17:46:34   Excellent coffee and cookie dough pancakes! I did not hear any music at all - in fact, I found the place rather quiet. —EileenF

2014-04-28 11:34:14   The service is great and the Harvest Cristo was a great sandwich. I'd go again. —Damiankumor