InLine Skating


InLine Skating is an outdoor activity whose popularity has waxed and waned in the area. At the fore of organized events, the Rochester InLine Skate Club has hosted an [WWW]online discussion list.

The club hosted twice weekly and regular fitness and recreation skates. They require at minimum advanced beginner striding, turning and braking skills and also negotiating traffic, and go from 12-20 miles at a pace accommodating the entire group, but stop frequently to regroup —every few blocks in the city and about every mile on the trails. Even the most fit can get a good workout, but the skates are also fun and social events. Many go for food after skating.

Once upon a time, there was an event/organisation/phenomenon in Rochester called Sunday Night Skate that was sort of like Critical Mass but really just for the fun of skating. One time they even closed down the Inner Loop for skating.

Although they run on quads, not in-line skates, Roc City Roller Derby is a fun spectator sport, catch them at the The Dome Arena in Henrietta!