Joseph C. Wilson

Birth name Aliases
Joseph Chamberlain Wilson None
Birth date Birth place
December 9, 1909 Rochester, NY
Date of death Place of death
November 22, 1971 New York City
Known for
Philanthropy and reinvention of Haloid into Xerox
CEO of Xerox

Joseph C. Wilson was a graduate of the University of Rochester who led the Haloid Corporation through its metamorphosis into Xerox. He was named for his grandfather, who was one of Haloid's founders and who served as mayor of Rochester from 1927 to 1930. In addition to his work at Xerox, Joseph C. Wilson served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the University of Rochester.

He died suddenly in 1971 while at a luncheon with Governor Rockefeller in New York City.

The Wilson Center for Research and Technology is housed on the Webster campus of Xerox. He also lends his name to Wilson Boulevard in Rochester, as well as the Wilson Commons building, designed by I.M. Pei, on the University of Rochester River Campus.

His wife was Marie "Peggy" Curran Wilson. The former West High School was renamed the Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School in his honor.