The Monroe County Library System has a variety of search tools that allow the accessing of any materials in the large collection. At one time this search capability was known as LIBRAWeb, but that term has fallen out of favor. Now there just is a publicly accessible online library catalog database for the Monroe County area, allowing you to search and put holds on books from the comfort of your own home.

Also offered through their site is the ability to search the libraries' index of Local History Photo Images.

Tip: A search for 'Rochester' returns interesting results. Images more often than not come alongside useful information in summary form. It can be tremendous fun viewing historical images, and often allows you to learn a few unexpected things about the area. The original Cooley Airship article was a direct result of stumbling upon its image through their online search database.

If you're looking for more resources useful RocWiki fact gathering, check out the Wiki Resources page.