Look ah Hookah

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1635 East Henrietta Road, Henrietta NY 14623 [Directions] 585 292 5665 ext 1
452 West Ridge Road, Rochester NY 14615 [Directions] 585 292 5665 ext 2
1075 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY 14580 [Directions] 585 292 5665 ext 3
Hours (as of September 2010 per Website)
Open 24/7 -Henrietta
Info Needed-Rochester
Info Needed-Webster
<info AT lookahhookah DOT com>

Look ah Hookah is a smoke shop and smoking lounge with several locations around Rochester. Besides selling soft smoking supplies like cigars and tobacco, they also sell smoking pipes including their namesake hookah pipe. They differentiate themselves from Head Shops and Cigar Stores by offering an Egyptian style Hookah Lounge. These lounges feature music, games, TVs, prepared snacks, and drinks. They also host various entertainment nights such as belly dancer, Latin, cigar, karaoke, open mike, DJ, college, or movie.

There is a VIP section for private parties. Free Wi-FI is also available.

Look Ah Hookah was RocWiki's Business of the Month for September 2010.

In July 2012 the New York State Attorney General detailed an [WWW]investigation that resulted in a lawsuit against sixteen head shops, Look Ah Hookah included, for selling illegally labeled intoxicants. They area alleged to have sold the designer drugs without required information such as "net contents, identity of the product, and the name and place of business of the product’s manufacturer, packer, and distributor."


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2008-11-25 16:23:33   SO LAME!!! —LebaneseBob

2010-08-15 20:19:07   Dont waste your time coming here if you're looking to buy hookah/sheesha products. All they have are elaborate pieces upwards of 60 dollars ridiculously overpriced. When asked if they had anything cheaper, i was recommended to a corner store on Main and Scio. This store sold cheap hookahs for around 25 dollars, and more than 25 flavors of sheesha. —SeanToTheFuture

2012-01-17 02:32:49   We have pipes from $12 and up ..... —TheresaDyer

2012-01-17 02:36:14   Since 2008 we have expanded to a huge smoke shop and hookah lounge ..gotta see it to see how great we have become —TheresaDyer

2012-03-27 03:23:16   that description from the website is misleading. the lounge is not "egyptian style". its a bunch of couches with a flat screen tv and a pool table. i've never heard "ethnic music" there. i've also never seen Mediterranean food at look ah hookah. the clientele are mostly questionable collegiate bro-scumbags.

there was a time when i would frequent this shop, because of their shisha selection and prices. that time has passed. on my last visit, i walked in to the see the usual employees with blank faces high on legal herb....or maybe they're just totally burnt out on the real stuff. i stood in line behind a couple for about 10 minutes. my wait was this long because the two employees behind the counter wanted to chat it up with the couple. i was just buying a pack of clove cigarettes. after completing the purchase, i discovered in my car that i didn't have what i had asked for. i brought the pack back in and one of the employees argued with me about what i had requested. it was eventually replaced, but the one guy's belligerence really pissed me off.

Theresa (because i know you'll read this)-
You are doing well in your market. Any business in Henrietta that caters to college students is bound to succeed. Congrats on that. I'm writing this review, because I want those other customers who care about customer service to know that your store is unfortunate in that simple element. I'm sure if you ask your employees about this incident, they'll remember.
Ask yourself: "Is this employee's stubborn attitude worth the $100 a month a customer can bring in?"

Maybe you think his attitude is worth it.

Maybe you'll realize word of mouth is powerful and $100 a month can multiply quickly. —IanNorfolk