Lucien Morin Park

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Lucien Moren 1.jpgLucien Morin Park

1139 Empire Blvd, Rochester NY [Directions]
(At the foot of Irondequoit Bay)
Hours (as of December 2012)
Daily: 7:00AM to 11:00PM
585 753 7275 (PARK)

Lucien Morin Park is a Monroe County park located in Penfield. It is located on the North side of Ellison Park and extends right to the foot of Irondequoit Bay.

The park was formerly known as the Ellison Wetlands, but has recently been dedicated to honor Monroe County's first elected County Executive.

The park is great for canoeing, kayaking, and birding with Irondequoit Creek and Grass Creek flowing through it. Canoes and kayaks can put in at LaSalle's Landing or BayCreek Paddling Center. There are several hiking trails accessable from the Empire Boulevard entrance, and one accessable from Browncroft Boulevard.

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