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New Riot Act
Mykel Nitro
Phil Tharp
Spaz Spaziani
Michael Pinales
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New Riot Act is a Subvert-Rock band formed in Greece in August 2015 by Mykel Nitro (from Intrinsic) and guitarist Phil Tharp (from Comedown). They have released one studio album, "New Riot Act" (2017), two EPs, "Residual Meltdown..." (2016) and "Ghostf*cker" (2018), and are currently working on their second studio album titled "Obliterate The Masses".


New Riot Act, then known as Sound Control, consisted of Mykel Nitro on Vocals, Tharp on Guitar, Spaz Spaziani (from Lupis) on drums, Eric Pinales (from The Results) on Lead Guitar, and Ryan Hurley (from The Bygone Few) on bass, the latter were temporary members. This line-up only existed in order to play one show in February 2016. The band would also record and release their debut EP "Residual Meltdown: The Plan To Eradicate All Human Existence" on February 12, 2016 through Nitro's private record label, XTM Records & Distribution.

That June, after struggling to find a new line-up, Nitro and Tharp entered the studio to record some demos for their first album. This quickly lead to the duo going to long-time Intrinsic engineer, Micah Etzel at Arrhythmia Recordings, and they began to record the first album in late June 2016. The band recruited session musicians to record the missing pieces of the album. This would bring in Dan Nordquist on Lead Guitar and Michael Pinales on Bass (both from Blue Gardenia). In addition, Alex Bellanca (from Intrinsic) would join as a second rhythm guitar in order to "add more power" to the group's sound. The band would then recruit Jon Bishop (from The Bournes) to play drums with them.

Sound Control would then play a few dates with this line-up, but would play it's final show in December 2016 and officially renamed the collective 'New Riot Act' in February 2017 upon Jon's release. This would see the return of Spaz Spaziani to the band on drums. New Riot Act released their debut, self titled studio album on April 28, 2017 and played what was thought to be their final show the following night at the Big Jar in Rochester, New York.

Current Activity

In early February 2018, Mykel Nitro began putting New Riot Act back together while recording a solo EP, which would become the "Ghostf*cker" release, deciding to make it an NRA (New Riot Act) release instead. Although he did not play on the EP, Phil Tharp would rejoin, along with Michael Pinales on bass, later that month. Dan Nordquist would record lead guitar on the EP, but would not rejoin the band as anything more than a studio member. Former Intrinsic bass player, Justin Russell, would join the group on second guitar in May, but left just a few weeks later.

The band is currently working on their next studio album, which will be titled "Obliterate The Masses". The new album has no official release date at the moment, but is rumored to be a three part release.


Studio Album(s)

New Riot Act
April 28, 2017

Obliterate The Masses (Part One)
January 2019

Obliterate The Masses (Part Two)
April 2019

Obliterate The Masses (Part Three)
July 2019


Residual Meltdown: The Plan To Eradicate All Human Existence
February 12, 2016

April 20, 2018


Horror Movie Soundtrack



Mykel Nitro (2015-Present) Vocals & Drums
Philip Tharp (2015-Present) Vocals & Guitar**
Michael Pinales (2016-Present) Bass
Spaz Spaziani (2018-Present) Vocals & Guitar

**Was absent from May 2017-June 2018


Dan Nordquist (2015, 2016-2017) Lead Guitar
Alex Bellanca (2016-2017) Guitar


Spaz Spaziani (2015, 2017-2018) Drums
Shane Newhouse (2015) Bass
Eric Pinales (2016) Lead Guitar
Ryan Hurley (2016) Bass
Jon Bishop (2016) Drums

Associated Acts

The Bournes
Blue Gardenia


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