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2833 Ridge Rd W, Rochester, NY 14626 [Directions] Greece 585 225 8700
Fairport Road and Marsh Road, Fairport, NY 14445 [Directions] Fairport 585 381 3870
Hours (as of June 2012)
Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Monday - Friday: 10:00AM to 9:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM to 5:00PM
Yes - both locations
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Pet World is a Rochester-based business with a handful of locations, two of which are in the Rochester area. Company also does business as Aqua Shoppes Pet World.

For more on pets in the Rochester area see Pet Life


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2006-06-06 22:29:56   The Ridge Rd location is probably the best place in town for freshwater fish. New deliveries arrive on Thursdays. —DaveMahon

2006-11-04 02:05:12   I've heard that their Buffalo and Faiport locations are closing down. I've also been hearing reports about mites in the Ridge Rd location. —DaveMahon

2007-04-06 11:07:25   When I first walked in, I was impressed by their huge bird habitats...but then I was disappointed that the puppies lived in cages that were about a third of the size of the bird cages. I don't know about their health, but they didn't look very happy. I bought shavings for my rabbit's cage, and they were a bit more expensive than they typically are at the larger chains. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-04-06 20:29:50   Puppies are only sold in the Fairport location. The Ridge Rd store carries freshwater and saltwater fish, small pets and birds. Their saltwater section is underwhelming, but they also tend to be very underpriced, which is great when they get something good in. —DaveMahon

2008-09-13 09:21:00   In preparation of stocking my 20 gallon fresh water fish tank I decided to check out the Greece location and take a drive from Fairport.

My expectations were higher to begin with, seeing as how people here and on other sites have said this is the best fish store in Rochester. Well, the place was quite dirty with a lot of broken tanks, water all over the floors and bad smell. I saw at least 3 tanks with dead fish in them and even overheard a 10 year old girl say "mommy, they don't take good care of their fish, there's a dead gold fish in this tank, they didn't take it out." They do have a pretty good variety of fish but, for example, even the popular clown loaches - I didn't see. They do have Discus fish, so that's a plus if you're into that, and they have a lot of live plants - but their condition leaves much to be desired. I would think that when they get a fresh batch in, that's the time to grab them. All in all, I think the PetWorld in Fairport is much cleaner and between that place and ABC Pets, also in Fairport, an average fish tank owner will find all he or she needs on the east side. And, for someone more serious, I'd go to The Fish Place in North Tonawanda, in the Buffalo area (that place is amazing!) —JeffStetz

2008-09-13 20:04:34   My understanding is that the business owners know they need to make some pretty hefty improvements to their store, but are unwilling/unable to do so. They're also hurting from the spike in livestock shipping prices. My previous comments were valid at the time they were posted, but I agree with you, Jeff. [WWW]The Fish Place is, in my opinion, the best Western NY source for freshwater at this time. Locally, even Petco and Petsmart have upgraded their tank systems so they're no longer parasite distribution systems.

Pet World came on the scene before there were national chains and wanted to become one, but through some bad decisions and some bad luck, did not succeed. They carved out a niche for a while, but now they simply appear to be running the business down at this point. —DaveMahon

2008-09-14 07:27:18   Park Avenue Pets on Monroe Ave also has fish, not a huge selection but the quality seems to be there. —DottieHoffmann

2010-09-03 17:04:44   I have a very long review available, but the bottom line is that these people are unbelievably and consistently rude. The same little boys have been working there for years and have consistently treated me like an enemy as soon as I walk in. Well, actually, the manager and another female employee haven't really risen above this behavior either. I understand why they feel the need to pinch pennies on damaged products, stunted fish, milled puppies, and food filled with "meat by-products" (aka beaks and feet). I don't understand why I am made to feel uncomfortable every time I walk in, despite the various good deeds I have done for the employees and friendly conversation I have tried to generate. Hey, if I am going to be treated like an enemy anyway, I may as well make myself into an enemy. They know exactly who I am, if they read my long review, and I'm sure to be treated just the SAME if they read it and make the connection. Yes. You are already nasty to me - at least now I've "earned" it. —SarahP

2010-09-03 17:23:39   SarahP-I'd be interested in reading your longer review —PeteB

2010-09-03 20:42:55   I'd be interested in finding out why, if they've been "unbelievably and consistently rude" every time you've walked in, you still go there after all these years... —RyanTucker

2011-01-11 13:19:39   Good: They accept unwanted fish. They have never blatantly been rude; they prefer subtlety that only a former retail employee can pick up. They’ve drastically improved their discus stock, and their puppies appear healthy – except for those that had muscle deformities from lack of exercise (by the employee’s own admission). Bad: I’ve given this place SO many chances. I’ve overlooked the misshapen, starved, stunted fish and the fact that they sell mill puppies. I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt when they look at me like I have two heads every time I talk to them (no, I don’t know why). The economy’s impact is felt here, as well as the death of customer service, at the E.R. store at least. First, there’s the penny-pinching by charging full price for out-of-box display items that have been out for months. Every single retail store in America understands that out-of-box is a form of damage. Second, only one guy in this store has been consistently polite. I’m tired of the snotty little scruffy boys who are “lifer” employees. I asked one such boy about the unboxed item. He said, “um yeah, you can buy that,” as if I were a child pointing at a toy. Then, “uuuuhhh yeah [we charge full price for a display item] because there’s nothing wrong with it.” He said the box was “probably thrown out some time ago.” I wondered if I had done something to offend him, based on his aggressively-defensive tone of voice, then suspected he might have other personality issues and simply said, “That’s weird. Thank you anyway!” which is so much more grace than he deserved. I wish I could convey his tone of voice in this review, but you know the type, especially if you are a former retail pet shop employee, LIKE I AM. I did nothing to provoke this boy. I have never pestered him before. I did not ask in a snotty tone of voice. Tell me, what is your problem and why do you feel the need to talk to me like I’m somehow lower than you? Do you get asked about that dusty item so often that you need to attack customers who ask you about it? You trashed the box and the owner’s manual, and it’s a display item that has been touched, scratched, and kid-boogered for God knows how long. Do not talk to me like I’m some freeloader looking to screw you over, and do not act like your strange policy is not a complete deviation from standard business practices. I did nothing to deserve this treatment, which I am really tired of receiving. This was just the worst instance, and the last in a line of many. I want to emphasize that I was ready to lay down the cash for this little out-of-box display item. After being treated like a piece of garbage, however, I never want to walk in there again and try to support a small business that does nothing to save its own butt. I’ve given this place so many chances, and have been a loyal customer for over 2 years, and have had to deal with the same employees for just as long. They still treat me like I’m some strange jerk every time I come in there. This was the topper, because this employee was a complete child to me. I even heard him and his lil buddy giggling behind my back as I walked away, like my question was…stupid? Irrational? Rude? Seriously, what was it? What’s the most twisted is that last year, I gave this same lil buddy my LAST cigarette, because he couldn’t get free for a break to buy more. This same employee has never treated me any less dismissively. Come on, kids. Grow up. People visit your store because they have no alternative close by. They certainly do not come there for quality and the experience of being treated like an equal human being. I would rather drive to Henrietta or Greece, from Penfield, than EVER visit this high-school land of idiots ever again. My boyfriend can go in there for crickets when ABC is out; I’ll wait in the dirty Wegmans next door.

...and "ryan," I do not continue to go there.—SarahD

2011-03-10 17:29:03   I came back to this page after I recently started building a new fish tank, and decided to stop by PetWorld. I still have to give them props for having a good *selection* of fish and plants. However, at least one out of every three tanks had dead fish. One tank was not quarantined but had obviously very sick fish, which were painful to look at. This was unexpected and upsetting, as I have at least in the past, considered this store to be "decent." What really kills me, however, is the attitude I get when I am at the store. I really feel like they are doing ME a favor whenever I go there, and I see I am not the only one who feels that. I don't get it, and I don't like it.

The fact that there is another excellent store in Fairport, on 84 High Street in the village, where people are kind and welcoming, put pride in the fish they sell, know the hobby inside and out, and will order any fish you want, makes it a very easy decision for me to walk out and not look back. And, yes, there is always The Fish Place in Buffalo, as I mentioned in my review from 2008. —JeffStetz

2013-01-10 18:34:16   I've been going to Pet World in Rochester for many years. They have two fabulous managers at the Greece and Pittsford locations: Margie and Lisa. These two ladies know just about everything when it comes to animals! And they're honest to boot. They'll be straight with you, and they're not in it for the money. They both love animals to the core. It's definitely worth a visit, especially if you're a fish lover to the Greece locations! And, it's owned by a local family who works there every day, even on Christmas!, to make sure their animals are getting what they need. My highest compliments! —annlouisa

2013-02-04 22:54:18   The absolute WORST customer service I have ever received in my life!!! There is a man named Tom who works in the aquatics area... he is consistently rude and seemingly aloof with me, always treated as though I'm a burden. I'm in there quite often as they are the only place in roch I've found to carry black worms. Well, tonight I went to ask Tom a simple question about a filter, and after saying "excuse me sir" for the second time as he ignored me the first- he turned around and shouted "IM OFF THE CLOCK" and stormed away. Not "let me find somebody who can help you", or even "I'm sorry but I can not help", no no. He literally shouted in my face that he was off the clock. I promptly put my basket filled with items down and walked out. The woman at the counter also treated me poorly when I was looking at airpumps. Honestly, I'm there once every two weeks like clockwork (if not more...) There was no reason for them to treat me rudely. I will never spend so much as a dime in that establishment again. I will resort to ordering black worms online. The owners of Pet World should be ashamed to have such people treating their customers so poorly. (Nearly 15+ years of customer service under my belt, 5 of which as management) if my employees ever spoke to my guests in such a way I would instantly take disciplinary action and go out of my way to compensate the consumer) just terrible!! Considering some of these other comments about them closing shops and possibly going under, I daresay it's no wonder!! —kristineve

2013-03-16 13:15:47   To all you people who seem to just know for sure that the dogs at pet world cme from mills, please explain exactly how you know this for sure? What hard faq's do you have to prove these statments? Probibly none! You are intitled to your opinions sure, but to say something you really don't know 100% for sure is just childish lol now your just trying to make pet world look bad maybe cuz you didn't get your way or your just an over sensitive person and to relax and worry about something more important. PET WORLD is one of the best stores iv ever walked into and the staff is ALWAYS nice and palite! IF they have ever seemed to be rude its more than likely the customers falt honestly, I know people say "the customer is always right" ya...BS on that, the customer does not work there and does not know the inner workings of pet world so what ever anyones negitiv opinion is on this place is actually not valid at all, its just that....a negitiv opinion....that's all.....if you are trying to have people not shop at pet world cuz no one rolled out the red carpet for you or didn't treat you like roylty well you are the child actually, so get over your self lol SHOP AT PET WORLD! YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED! (Fairport road is the best one ;) —nicholas

2013-11-19 16:55:46   We've purchased aquarium supplies and a couple of fish at the ER store. No problems at all with the staff, and no discernable issues with the tanks or fish. —richmulvey

2015-04-12 22:58:15   This is by far the best local area for fish and small animals! I've been going here for years and the staff has always been nice, though I definitely have people I prefer to others. These fish are so much healthier than fish from any of the other stores....and I have shopped around as I've acquired and consolidated tanks/bowls over the years. PetCo I find has fish with conditions that almost without fail kill my other fish so PetSmart or PetWorld are the only places I would go. Here the fish are healthy and kept in much larger tanks than PetSmart. There is always a more interesting selection and usually of fish above my level of attention, but really fun to look at. In addition you really feel like the employees are experts in what they are selling you. Their selection of tanks is very extensive and accessible. In so far as the puppies they are definitely not from puppy mills, but they come certified breeders which makes this a great place for the cute and usually hypoallergenic dogs they sell. Seriously, they meet whatever government regulations I have been assured....though I don't know what those regulations are. They definitely get play time from the employees, either in back or out on the floor by the register and they are so cute! I say hello to the puppies every time I come in! —CarolynR