Petit Poutinerie

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lpp1.jpgLe Petite Poutine, serving side, Sept 2011 lpp2.jpgLe Petite Poutine, defining the product, Sept 2011

44 Elton Street., Rochester, NY 14607
Hours (as of February 2022)
Wednesday - Friday:11:00Am to 3:00PM
Saturday: 11:00AM to 7:00PM
585 461 2224
Wheelchair Accessible
<info AT lepetitpoutine DOT com>

Petit Poutinerie is a bistro serving [WWW]poutine, salads, sandwiches and desserts. They also have vegan options. The brick and mortar location opened on February 18, 2022.

In addition, they own Le Petit Poutine which are 2 food trucks serving Canadian [WWW]poutine. The ingredients are fresh and local. They served their first poutine on April 9, 2011. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for location information.

Often found at:



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2011-08-20 11:41:00   Yes I know this food very well from Quebec, but it should read " La Petite Poutine" The word Poutine is feminine. They might want to correct the spelling. And their email address is wrong. (this has since been corrected) —richardbuzzell

2011-08-21 08:02:32   Next time I am at the Public Market I'll try to remember to check them out and see if they are using the masculine or feminine object in their name, although "La" may technically be correct, we should list them on the wiki in whatever form they have chosen to use UPDATE Sept 2011 - Well, their business name might not conform to proper French grammar, but they do use "Le", not "La", see the pics. —DottieHoffmann

2011-08-21 09:48:58   Facebook matches what we have. —DamianKumor

2011-11-10 08:33:17   C'est Magnifique!!! —GordonAnderson

2011-12-03 10:44:17   Found her today on Railroad street just outside the Public Market entrance. She is in the parking lot located next to the Metal Sculpture, so you won't see the truck until you are almost on it. She needs a road side sandwich board. Delicious Poutine. We also had some of her homemade ginger-ale, which was perfect with the poutine. She will be a regular stop when we go to the market. Ah, who am I kidding, she will be the reason to go to the market. —WilliamBorrelli

2012-04-28 16:36:28   Fantastic! Lots of cheese curds, fresh thyme, good gravy and good fries. Perfect on a chilly day at the market. —karlos

2012-05-14 20:02:06   Do they keep a regular schedule, or is it hit-or-miss? —Alex-C

2012-05-15 08:23:08   "They" is one person, follow the facebook page and she posts the schedule for the weekend...that's the beauty of the food truck! —PDub

2012-05-15 10:30:10   Sorry, but I refuse to join Facebook. —Alex-C

2012-11-29 14:12:36   Contrary to popular opinion, I didn't love my poutine. The cheese curds weren't all that flavorful and the gravy was watery and had an off-putting taste. It could have been a bad day- but I ended up throwing away more than half because I just didn't love it. And I wanted I was really disappointed. The two women in the truck were super friendly so I feel even worse. I'll try again sometime. —shawnalusk

2013-01-07 00:28:35   Love the quality of the poutine (they make the fries in front of you including freshly cutting the potatoes). The owner is so sweet as well —AndrewMoran

2013-01-16 09:16:35   Super delicious poutine! I dont usually follow businesses but for le petit poutine I made an exception! Also the owner is so nice and awesome! —jcs3636

2013-01-17 15:55:55   Best fries in Rochester. AYHSMB —ErikReinert