Physical Graffiti

374½ West Ridge, Rochester NY, 14615
Hours (as of May 2010 per Website)
Monday-Saturday: 11:00AM to 8:00PM
585 262 4444

Physical Graffiti is a tattoo parlor on West Ridge Road in Maplewood. It opened in 1993, and was started by Joe T. and Brother Wease.


It was voted best tattoo studio by readers of the D&C consecutively from 2002-2007.

It also was voted "Best Tattoo Parlor" in City Newspaper's 'Best Of' Awards in 2008, and "Best Piercing Parlor" in 2009 and 2010.123


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2006-05-23 02:13:02   Good shop to check out —DawnKelleyTattoo

2007-05-08 20:15:33   Ask questions before getting a piercing: I got my nose pierced by them about a year ago, and just recently went in to a new shop to get the stud changed out for a hoop. We discovered that the Physical Graffiti folks had put in a too-small stud for the thickness of my nose, so now I have a lovely knot of scar tissue and a kink in my nose hole. It's not life-threatening, but it made for an uncomfortable and slightly bloody experience when getting a replacement put in. Make sure to ask them to measure your nose! A good shop will custom-fit a nose ring. —HeatherYager

2007-11-07 20:28:50   overpriced, and the artists think they walk on water. not my kind of place. sorry. —TorieCaddy