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The Simply Crepes Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on April 19, 2010.

2005-11-25 14:19:58   Credit to EricLarsson for tipping us off to the library location.

2005-12-29 23:00:00   The food is good, and there is a good deal of it, but it's a bit expensive (to me) for library snacking... —FarMcKon

2006-06-23 10:44:54   Simply Crepes has been one of my favorite restaurants since they opened their Schoen Place restaurant. Prices have gone up considerably since then, taking Simply Crepes from being a "great value" to "affordable...I guess" to "Oh, let's celebrate by going to Simply Crepes!" (Keep in mind, this is a poor college student speaking). Regardless of the price increases, the quality continues to be excellent. Almost anything you try will probably be delicious, but my favorites include the Oatmeal-Berry Creme Brulee, Al's Eggs, the Ham and Asparagus Crepe, Chicken Tarragon Crepe, All American Crepe...the list goes on. —GreenBrenana

2006-09-25 20:58:32   Unique and delicious. —DanielMiner

2006-10-31 00:49:07   Clean, european style decor, high quality food, friendly service. I enjoyed the thai-style chicken crepe and the dessert rasberry ice cream crepe. As Jennifer Loviglio lamented in Rochester Magazine a few months ago, there's no simple crepe on the menu, and they were confused when she asked for one :p everything has a lot of ingredients —BenMargolis

2006-10-31 05:55:35   Delicious! What more can I say? —RachelBlumenthal

2006-11-30 14:57:11   The service is bad, the food is barely passable, the crepes are too dry, the gimmicky mexican items are just that — gimmicky, the coffee is atrocious. Overall — a prime example of an overpriced Rochester restaurant preying on the unsuspecting consumers with no competition. —TonyBurba

2007-02-14 02:26:10   Somebody give TonyBurba a hug. This is a nicely decorated spot, perfect for bikers riding the canal path. In fairness to angry Tony, not everything is great. You can't go wrong with the simply salad and the goat cheese crepe. Chicken Tarragon Crepe is good as well, as is the Mediterainian crepe. Deserts are so-so to good. Essentialy they're all the same. —WegmansFiend

2007-04-09 10:59:21   An interesting take on crepes that we enjoyed for the most part. I'd have to agree with the clean decor, comfortable atmosphere and the service was good. We had the Crepe Epinards, Home Fried Potatoes, Thai Style Beef Crepe and Berries and Creme desert.

The Thai Style Beef Crepe looked good and tasted good, but like many of the entree dishes I saw prepared there it was overstuffed with lettuce to give that false impression of a hearty meal.

The Crepe Epinards was also tasty, but the sauteed tomatoes resulted in a slightly over-watered texture.

The Home Friend Potatoes were actually really we done. A large serving of large chunks of potatoes with good spicing.

The Berries and Creme, well, it was good but not because of the Creme Brulee which for the most part was missing from the desert (seemed to be more whipped cream). The waitress was kind enough to offer a side serving of the cream.

For the most part, I liked the place and I'd try it again. —RichardSarkis

2007-11-28 16:42:37   Delicious!! But a little too expensive for me... I want to go back sometime and try the Oreo dessert crepe. —SaraChristine

2007-11-29 12:25:56   I've loved everything I've had here. The salmon crepe, a crepe w/ chicken + spinach, the strawberry crepes, the bkfst crepe with andouille sausage (amazing), the roasted potatoes, the caramel apple desert crepe. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the "frozen hot chocolate" that always seems to take 10 minutes to make. But their Chocolate Chai was brilliant! —MarcVera

2007-12-08 11:24:19   I've only gotten an apple dessert crepe here, which was good. The ice cream that went with it was above average too. I had the dessert as take out, and the man that helped us order was very strange in his demeanor. The crepe was a little expensive for what it was, but it was still nice to try, and I definitely wanted more by the time I was done. —RochesterCalifornia