Sister Cities Pedestrian Bridge


sister_cities_bridge.jpgLooking west over the Sister Cities Pedestrian Bridge. Model Pedestrian is ROCwiki user LoriWheeland The Sister Cities Pedestrian Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Genesee River in Downtown Rochester's Convention District, and has flags (and plaques) representing each of Rochester's Sister Cities around the world. There is also a mini-park called the Genesee Crossroads.

The bridge is little used and in disrepair. It seems that the bridge and park were designed to attract visitors from the convention center and hotel. Unfortunately, there are few people around the area most of the time, and most foot traffic travels in different directions.

Radisson.JPGView of the Radisson Hotel. (2012) Andrews2.JPGView of Andrews Terrace. (2012)


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2005-11-18 17:45:48   The flags and plaques here are currently in considerable dis-repair... You can see the tattered flags in the image. And the handrails are covered in bird droppings, etc. It needs a little work done. —AndrewWheeland

2012-04-28 19:31:29   The whole area is neglected and the ugly modernist design isn't helping its appeal. I know the park isn't used much but since it's still there, the city needs to do a better job maintaining it. —EileenF