Genesee Crossroads Park

Between Main Street and Andrews Street, 14614
[WWW]City of Rochester

Genesee Crossroads Park, also known as Charles Carroll Park, is a relatively small urban park located in the Convention District along the west side of the Genesee River, between Main Street and Andrews Street. It is behind the Holiday Inn and basically on top of the Genesee Crossroads Parking Garage. The Sister Cities Pedestrian Bridge crosses the river in the middle of the park. Benches and picnic areas are available and are popular with office workers at lunchtime in the summer months.

The park is located approximately where the notorious old Front Street was located before the days of urban renewal.

There is also a sculptural installation by Richard Fleischner called "Rochester Project" that was dedicated in October 1986.


In December 2013 it was announced that the City had offered Genesee Crossroads Park as the new site of the proposed [WWW]Roc City Skatepark. Once completed, it will be the largest skatepark in the country. If successful, it could inspire the creation of other, smaller skateparks throughout the city.1

GCP.JPG GCP2.JPG GCPArt.JPGFleischner's "Rochester Project"


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2012-05-20 14:53:04   Forlorn and neglected. If you want a nice riverfront park to eat lunch, go to Aqueduct Park right across the street on East Main. —EileenF

2013-03-17 10:18:28   This place is like an abandoned park from the future. Something like Charlton Heston would find in Planet of the Apes and start screaming about. —Rufus

2013-05-18 20:47:29   A comment on Rochester Subway characterized this park as "Soviet brutalist." An apt description. —EileenF

2014-01-02 11:14:13   A perfect point-by-point example of everything that's wrong with modernist archicture. —daggar