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This page is for archiving comments for The King and I from 2008 and earlier.

2006-07-30 09:10:37   I get take-out here about once a week, and the food is always good. I especially like that they are *fast*, even though the food never seems like it's been sitting around being warmed for hours. —RichMulvey

2006-08-31 12:18:28   The fish options are delicious and a nice change from typical take-out Thai fare. I just wish the decor was bit more inviting, I usually feel like I'm sitting in a huge banquet room. —EllenKelsey

2006-09-18 06:57:27   Very good food with excellent service. They moved one building over to a larger space and it didn't affect their quality or speed. Always a good choice. —ZedOmega

2006-09-18 08:58:18   Extremely fast service, I often get my food in less than 5 minutes. Their spicy chicken soup that's (occasionally) served during lunch is to die for. Be warned the food is very saucy for Thai food. —TravisOwens

2006-11-08 09:50:37   The food is good but it is a far cry from Thai. If you want real Thai food...this shouldn't be your top choice. —OneLove

2006-12-18 16:42:13   the website doesn't work, any other links, I need a menu for takeout orders! —TonyBurba

2007-01-11 18:04:37   The food is great, but their website ( is gone. —JoelBennett

2007-02-16 18:30:53   Never disappoints! I always find something good here. —JoannaLicata

2007-03-05 14:32:23   The new website is [WWW] . Love, love, love the veggie options (but they still have Thai fish sauce in them). —CharliWilliams

2007-03-12 17:47:23   Ok OneLove, what would you choose for *real* Thai food? —RichardSarkis

2007-03-23 08:06:08   The employees at The King and I are magic. You order and they go in the kitchen door and right back out with your food. Great stuff. —KimBee

2007-03-23 10:27:23   Americanized Thai food, but still tasty, and the service is always exceptional. —DanielMiner

2007-05-10 23:48:16   RichardSarkis:

I would recommend Esan or Pattaya. If you want REALLY good Thai food and you are willing to drive an hour, I would suggest Saigon Bangkok in Buffalo (and they serve decent Vietnamese too.) —OneLove

2007-05-17 10:39:17   Tasty food with friendly and efficient service. A standout dish is the sesame beef - it's nothing like the fried chunks of meat that fast-food Chinese places call sesame beef. Also, they make exceptional fruit smoothies. —EastSideStephen

2007-05-20 11:24:12   Really great restaurant. Great food and service. Best when weather is nice when you can sit outside on park ave. —JosephHsu

2007-05-20 11:56:25   Joseph: Park Ave? Are you confusing King and I with Esan? —EastSideStephen

2007-06-14 13:31:18   The food here is amazing. The staff is always friendly and the service is really quick. I especially love the chicken satay and the pad thai never disappoints. —AnneRimbach

2007-06-14 17:55:07   Decent Americanized Thai food, served quickly. I've have unfortunately observed some instances of the owner rudely demanding bigger tips from some customers....I haven't been back since. —NathanHenderson

2007-06-15 11:08:23   Great food with an incredible number of options and a decent pricetag. Especially good for large groups (using the little back-room). Service varies from mildly grumpy to exceedingly nice, though usually very pleasant and helpful. —PaulArdis

2007-08-03 09:46:58   big fan of their pad thai and seafood soup. Oh, and the sweet rice dessert? nectar of the gods! —JuneSylvesterWales

2007-08-04 14:45:49   I don't care how authentic it is, it's great food. My favorite is the Chicken Phat Phet. The service is what makes it truly outstanding - this is one of the only high-quality sit-down restaurants that consistently brings the meal in five minutes, no matter how busy they are. —McgMatt

2007-08-31 06:52:23   I second OneLove's endorsement of Buffalo's Saigon Bangkok (on Elmwood Ave.); outstanding restaurant that had food so good, the drive home to Rochester in the pouring rain was worth it back in November last year. As for King and I, I love Tiger, the woman who owns the place, and the man who works with her (don't know his name). They both remember customers and just make the whole experience of walking in the restaurant a welcoming comfort. The food is very dependable, and you can get peppers in fish sauce (nuc mam?) and the little dried stars to zip up the heat in your dishes. Just remember to ask for them. I think their hot and spicy lemongrass noodle soup is great, but I wish it weren't quite so pricey at lunchtime (something about paying $8 instead of $7, the old price....). A standby in our household. —KatieSchmitz

2007-09-04 15:23:05   Always come here once a week, if I could, and I am always back at work in time. Speedy service, and reasonable prices. I am gladdened at the variety of vegetarian options for lunch *and* dinner! Be sure to tell the server "how many stars" as to how spicy you like your food. 2 is fine for me. —ChristopherLehfeldt

2007-09-27 19:51:53   I can't understand how the author wrote "upscale atmosphere". As EllenKelsey pointed out, the restaurant reminds me of a college dining room: not exactly upscale.

The food is not bad but I found one hair in my dish once and the sauce was a bit watery. Speed is not always a plus if it's a detriment to quality. —AndreaCogliati

2007-09-29 21:08:43   Even on a busy night the service was incredibly quick, maybe even a bit too quick. They turn tables over fast which is nice if you are waiting for one. once seated our waiter was attentive and very pleasant. Our fresh spring rolls were good but the wrapper was a little tough meaning they had probably been pre-made and sat prior to serving. We had the spicy basil rice which was very tasty, and masumaun chicken which was much sweeter than we've ever tasted anywhere else. My wife did not care for it as much but I thought it was pretty good that way. Not sure if that's how they make it all the time or maybe the chef was just a little off this one night. Overall it was a nice dinner and we will venture back again. —DottieHoffmann

2007-10-27 00:50:43   I bit the bullet and gave them another try. The tom yum soup tasted horribly premade - a suspicion confirmed by the waiter. The meals were alright - we tried the spicy chicken, lemongrass chicken and the (translated by the waiter) "drunken chef noodles". The first two were excessively spiced and there was way too much sauce. The noodles were alright. Very Americanized Thai food.I probably won't be going back there since there are better(in more ways than one) alternatives in a 5 minute radius. —OneLove

2007-11-08 13:29:24   Pretty good stuff, large portions, and the hot sauces on the table are fantastic! This place also has to be the most popular place for lunch in all of Rochester. Every time I go its jam packed with people. Still haven't had to wait for a table or long for food though which is great. —GeorgeBluth

2007-11-10 13:55:36   I love this restaurant. The service is lightning quick and the food is always delicious. The prices are really great, my husband and I usually get a couple entrees and some soup and spend no more than $30. —CatMagro

2007-11-27 19:23:07   I think the best complement for this place on my side is that I brought a friend from Cambodia (whose cuisine is very similar) and he said it tasted just like what his mother cooked. Be warned, it spicier then you might expect. All in all, the food was great and the servers treated us like gold. —DaveMilitello

2007-12-07 16:33:23   Today I went there for a business lunch and the experience was better than the previous one. Maybe because the restaurant wasn't as full as the last time: the service was very quick and attentive, as usual. And the food was good. —AndreaCogliati

2007-12-08 11:12:52   Like Andrea, I had a hair in my food once as well.

I have been to King and I many times...maybe 7-8 experiences altogether. The food is good, and the service is okay. Sometimes the staff is a little cranky though. I recommend the chicken with peanut sauce, lar nar, or panang shrimp. Also, the sweet rice custard dessert is REALLY good. I rarely order dessert at restaurants but sometimes I go in just to eat dessert after I've eaten dinner somewhere else.

Overall the King and I is good, not spectacular, but worth going to. —RochesterCalifornia

2008-03-09 22:47:28   After 2 times going with a group of 6-10 and having poor service and fair food each time, tonight my husband and I thought we would give it a try again. We were not at all disappointed! The service was excellent. Our server helped us out with how to say the dish we wanted in a very fun way (the other times we were treated like idiots and got rolled eyes). Our server also was very welcoming to my daughter being there and brought her her own water, plate and spoon (she is 1). The food was very good, it came very quickly but did not taste like it was sitting around. It also was a very quick experience, but we, in no way, felt rushed. I am very glad we went back! —FranChandler