Thomas Richards

Birth name Aliases
Thomas Richards Tom
Birth date Birth place
July 8, 1943
Date of death Place of death
Known for
Executed the sale of the defunct Fast Ferry; Negotiated the redevelopment of Midtown Plaza; Appointed, resigned, and elected Mayor of City of Rochester within first three months of 2011
Served at times as Managing Partner and Chair of the management committee, Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle LLP (now Nixon Peabody, 1972-1991; Chief Executive Officer, Rochester Gas & Electric Corp., 1991-2002; corporation counsel, City of Rochester, 2006-2010. Appointed Deputy Mayor, City of Rochester, October 28, 2010, and inaugurated interim Mayor, January 1, 2011. Resigned as interim Mayor, January 20, 2011. Elected Mayor on March 29, 2011.
Graduate of [wikipedia]Bucknell University and [wikipedia]Cornell Law School

References: [WWW]"Tom Richards readies for Rochester mayoral run"


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2010-12-17 20:54:13   I have known Tom and his late father for 35 years. They are genuinely good people and I miss his father. —PeteB