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2008-01-20 11:07:44   Welcome to RocWiki, BigPun! If you have any questions, let us know.

Also, while your expressed concern in your comment on Merchants Grill is valid, it really doesn't belong on the business' page. I'd like to move that portion of the comment to your personal page.

If you feel it really does belong on Merchants Grill, I'd like to know your reasoning. —DaveMahon

2008-01-20 10:05:41   This is a great site for local businesses. Unfortunately it gives people that want to play food/restaurant critic a voice, but they actually do more harm than good in a tough economy. When you drive down West Henrietta Road places are packed. However, some local establishments can't or hardly survive. We've been [to Merchants Grill] a bunch of times and it's a cool hangout. It's the kind of place you don't go into with expectations of getting great service. You just order, drink, eat and have a good time. People with out of whack expectations often times ruin their own experience.
Business owners put their neck on the line and yes a pleasant experience should be expected but let's give them a break.

If you are paying top dollar for something and you have problems, I could see some whining as legitimate. Talk to the owners, maybe they'll listen, maybe they won't. Support and Encourage Local Businesses At the Expense of the Chains and Your Unrealistic Expectations. —BigPun

2008-03-21 08:21:22   Hey I just noticed we seem to have the same food taste. Glad you guys enjoyed Phuket and the Gate House. I also like the Merchant's Grill but it's usually too long a wait to eat there. —KimBee

2008-03-23 12:36:15   FYI — Peter edited the Michelina's and added this comment: "My comment was meant for another page-removed it" —BadFish

2008-03-23 13:24:00   BigPun—thanks for your review of Michelina's. As Badfish states I did remove my previous comment-I erred in putting it there and removed it. Any thought given to combining your comments into 1? Just thinking. Also please consider coming onto the wiki googlegroup or our meeting next Sunday? I think your opinions would be terrific —PeteB

2008-03-28 12:29:11   Hey Big - sadly we can't offer too much help, we have always had kitties but never had allergies to them. Assume you have tried OTC and shots and stuff. Only thing we can think of is that there are several low-allergen types of cats, a couple that are hairless or nearly so, and some, like Siberian Forest Cats, that are supposed to be "hypo-allergenic" something about their fur and saliva doesn't set off allergies as bad as normal breeds (our friend Ruble, on the Wiki Watchcat page, is one of those. —DottieHoffmann

2008-04-04 18:23:19   Bigpun-I know of no single source of music history on the Wiki, sorry. —PeteB

2008-04-05 08:00:00   I like the idea. Rochester has a rich musical heritage and a centralized (and search engine indexed) resource would be beneficial.

I say go for it! —DaveMahon

2008-04-16 13:16:59   Hey Big, I completely agree with your comments about the philosophy of restaurant reviewing on this site. Having come here from a place that in the last 20 years has gone from farm land to Mickey D's and Starbucks on every manufactured and paved corner, I LOOOOVE to get out to the locally owned places and have something different. —StephanieTodd

2008-05-04 13:51:52   Hey Big, so what's the deal with the not-dog park at Ellison Park? Our doggy I'm sure would love to get out and play with other local dogs. Thanks for writing back, btw. Yes! A pair of grad student home owners... weird, we know but the grass is greener (and houses are muuuuch cheaper in the 19th Ward - $800+ for monthly rent and rising at Rustic Village or $<600 for monthly mortgage+it's my OWN house!) —StephanieTodd

2009-07-24 22:38:05   2009-07-24 19:32:25 Comment on Shadow Pines golf course. I have been golfing at Shadow Pines now for about 15 years. I think that the staff there is the friendleness of any course that I play. There are 2 Jim's that work there, and are both at times called Jimbo. As far as I am concerned, they are both great guys, that is one of the reasons that I play there. When I enter the Pro shop, I always feel welcome, no mater if it is one of the Jim's or any of the other staff. Could it be that you might have a problem that makes you feel that the staff is rude? or do you cause a concern for the staff to be rude? As far as the economy hurting the Pines, they are always busy and sometimes hard to get a tee time. I love the Pines and all the staff that work there. Why don't you try a different approch when going to visit the Pines, you might get a different result. —johnvorndran

John didn't like my comment on Shadow Pines. You don't have to feel the way I do. Thanks John. Happy Golfing.
Your Favorite,
Big Pun —BigPun

2009-07-24 22:52:53   You can always get back a user-deleted page by typing the page name in the search box. For example, for your page it would be "Users/BigPun". When the system asks if you want to "Create a New Page ..." then simply click on the Info button in the top title bar and the revision history of the deleted page will appear. You can then simply pick the last good page and click on "Revert" on the far right side.

Admins can delete pages completely, and this will not work for those pages.

For an example test try pasting Wiki Sand Box/Test123 into the search box or click here on it here Wiki Sand Box/Test123BradMandell

2011-01-22 12:16:22   BP-I am sorry you feel that way. Please know that whatever contributions you have made are appreciated. —PeteB