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General: I like things that sparkle or shine, or things of that nature. Any movie or book (or comic book) which tells a good story and meets my fancy is good by me. I also enjoy good music, not like the same indy rock that everyone else listens to but closer to '80s Metal.
Movies: Do you even watch movies?
TV: I don't really watch TV anymore. Once in a while is an achievement by my standards.—-DavidKraft's Details
Status: Just Chillin'
Hometown: Fairly close to NYC
Zodiac Sign: The Batsignal

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About me:
I'm a fairly laid back kind of guy. I enjoy a good comic book and any sort of productive stimulation. I'm also an artist and I draw comic book art. For the time being, I live in the Rochester area.

Who I'd like to meet: Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern

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