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Back area behind 231 RRW Aug 2008.jpgUrban Forest behind Commercial Area, Ridge Rd. - Aug 2008

It is with a sense of loss that I announce our RocWiki friend Jack passed away in July 2013. He made significant contributions to RocWiki and we appreciate his participation. -PeteB

- edited JANUARY 2012 - was away from here far too long working on other projects.

For an alternate view of Rochester, by Jack Greenky, check my blog page - lots of information there now..

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There are linked pages of information, not only about Rochester but usually have a Rochester link. Jackslist used to have lots of pages about where to find jobs in Rochester, as well as club meetings, calendars. See what it used to look like in the Internet Archive, several years of archives there.
Trying calendar and list software, as well as a Wiki. Advertising will be accepted (adsense already there on the linked Google Sites pages) and some event and news feeds including the RocWiki RSS are installed. More pages everyday, of information and events as they are sent to me or gathered by others for Jackslist.

Some of the links for Jackslist refer back to RocWiki pages, as I will keep adding relevant information to RocWiki. Others are my personal ideas of what information I found interesting. I use Some Google Sites pages to host and edit web pages - very interesting, and free. My favorite experiment using Google sites is:

Some of the information I researched for Jackslist, like publications, Street and Neighborhoods, Rochester Food, fits RocWiki Better and I am transferring some of it from my personal files. Much of it was already on RocWiki at least partially. Street Information I have researched since coming to Rochester, in 1966, when I started riding a bicycle around the county on weekends, and since then for some jobs, including a street directory book publisher and a real estate service.
Some information I put here and on my website is from researching Rochester and Rochester websites, some from business relationships with current and past businesses. I have been collecting information for decades, and saving some on computers since 1981, using email before 1990. The much of the information not Rochester - centric, will have to be on Jackslist, as I only edit Wikipedia a little bit, and some of the information is and will be very commercial in nature.
(I am not Making [WWW]Jack's List into a Wiki as a blog format does enough for that site right now)

Yes, I have caught RocWiki Addiction and I also contribute to a different kind of information addition addiction, the [WWW]UPC Database with items I find or use everyday, plus products I find and use for work.
I have been gone from RocWiki while working on other projects, will be adding more local information again - Noted January 27, 2012 - as I did not realize I was away from here so long - working on other websites with calendars and projects for internal purposes.

Other Places you can find me: myspace, [WWW]facebook, flickr, Picasa, and many more, under various names, sometimes my real name, or jackgzero, and some other names.

On [WWW]Second Life: look for me a few hours a week, mostly on the Soundbytes show which is on SUNDAY night 9 pm to about 10:30 pm Eastern time: as jackgzero zipper or jackslist scribe. Be sure your sound is on, but not your microphone, for Soundbytes, questions are taken by the text entry preferably.
Be sure to check out their web page: [WWW]SoundBytes Radio Program
Their Radio program is broadcast on [WWW]Jazz 90.1 on SATURDAY, Noon to 2 pm, and is also on the internet in several formats.
You can also watch the programs. when they are live, on [WWW]Ustream or play them back later.

Rysell Hair Care Logo 421h.jpgRysell Hair Care Logo My line of Work: [WWW]RedTie Marketing see the website for more information.
Recent Website Projects of RedTie Marketing, where I was deeply involved in editing and adding information, included:

and an easy email: <jackgzero AT gmail DOT com>
And the newly added March 2010 Mystery Picture
Proposed Mystery Picture.jpgProposed Mystery Picture Can this be used or is it too easy?
I have not put the full image and description on RocWiki yet.
- If you are looking here for clues - ok, since no guesses since it was posted -


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2007-06-22 14:36:45   Welcome to RocWiki, Jack! Please let us know if we can answer any questions! —PeteB

2007-12-03 16:05:32   Thanks for your enthusiastic contributions. Just try to minimize your use of bold to where emphasis is strictly required. Emphasizing everything makes the page hard to read. Also, try to include the link text in the link. It improves the chance that people using search engines will find your information. —DaveMahon

2009-09-13 09:56:52   You are welcome. I am away from RocWiki for a while to work on Buffalo, Pawtucket, RI and a few other wikis I am creating/helping with. As an annual festival, it could take it's own page. I am on travel right now, but will take a look again later in the week. Keep on making contributions and others will help out - you know it is the old show one, do one, teach one (:>) —BradMandell

2010-02-21 14:11:34   Hey Jack, would you like help putting up your candidate for Mystery Picture, glad to help and have another contributor beside myself the last few years (:>)

Also, do you want the other Maplewood Cafe photos on the Maplewood page?

Whenever I add or edit something that is time-dependent to a page I try to do it in a way that it ages OK. I imagine someone reading the page 6 months or a year from then. I made a few changes on the Maplewood page for this purpose.

Thanks for the help - I am learning more of what to do every time to make it look better - but the picture upload seems to have changed on me - Today I have to put in a dummy spot which then asks for it and then upload it, instead of uploading and the putting the location into the Wiki page, which I did yesterday. Is this a function of the computer I am using (Vista instead of XP today?) or is there a glitch? I use several computers, usually Windows, depending on which one has the camera, scanner or text files ready to upload. I do not know the proper procedure, who to notify with the Mystery Picture. 15:36pm

2010-02-21 16:59:24   Jack, I edited out the siding, might be a clue?? and uploaded it into the two places it needs to be for the Mystery to take shape. Thanks for getting a new one out there. —BradMandell

Upload new image "photo.jpg"

2010-03-29 08:06:06   Jack, I posted an discussion item on the [WWW]RocWiki Google Group regarding uploading of [WWW]copyrighted magazine covers. You were probably not aware of the underlying issues. —BradMandell

2010-03-30 10:12:14   Hi Jack, thanks for all of the contributions on the publications, etc.

I added an Afterhours category in response to your comment - see Afterhours/Talk

Could you add the Edition date to the Connecting Rochester page for the WiFi hotspot list.

Notes: We normally do not use the Address macro on mailing addresses, as the page then appears on maps at odd places and can confuse viewers. We try to start each page description with the page name bolded within a sentence containing the main category(ies); this helps make the page stand on its own.

Again, thanks for all the effort.


Reply to above: OK, cleared up the edition date info, I did not realize there was a macro on the mailing address - do not know how that happened, and I will start to use the publication name bolded in the first sentence of descriptions on pages I create... I was told (a long time ago) that it was an unneeded redundancy to do so, but I understand making a stand-alone sentence with all the details can be important. 14:09pm - JG

2010-03-30 15:42:36   Jack, I copied the Hints above onto the [WWW]Mystery Picture Guesses page. Also, you can get a numbered list by starting with a number with a dot after it then subsequent items can be *. —BradMandell

2010-04-10 19:53:45   Hi Jack, saw you made some edits on [bufwiki]BufWiki, if you check the [WWW]User Stats there you will see I am the major contributor. Took a long time to port lots of my work here on RocWiki over there. BufWiki is hosted on the free WikiSpot site, whereas RocWiki has its own server (used to be on WikiSpot). Don't know why your UserName and PW worked, I had to register separately.

When I get some time I will try to port over some of the Pubs stuff.

Brad —BradMandell

2010-04-13 16:35:07   Jack-wanted to say it was nice to meet you Saturday afternoon. I'm glad you were able to make it. FYI for the June get-together, we'll be coming right from church (changing clothes there) so we won't be able to pick you up. Sorry about that but our schedule will be tight early on that day. —PeteB

2010-04-20 20:25:15   I put the HDSA Lawler 5K run stuff on the Events Board and took a lot of it out of the Upstate NY Chapter of HDSA page. It is better to avoid creating page content that is transient and will require someone to update it after an event passes. I try to write page text so it will read ok now and a year from now. I started some transient material control features on BufWiki ([bufwiki]Dated_Material_Review) but have not tried it here as there is a lot of resistance to change. —BradMandell

2010-04-20 21:27:45   Hey Jack..1) Jack Greco's is fixed—thanks for the heads up. 2) No I don't think all individual chain locations need a GBNF page—just list them in the Year/Closed page. —PeteB

2010-04-21 07:48:59   The link checking is a question for Ryan or another Admin techy. I know that City of Rochester changed their website some time ago and a lot of RocWiki pages were broken. I fixed a lot by hand. It would be nice for someone to run a tool that made a Broken Link Pages page so we would know what to fix. It amazes me how many companies and organizations redo their websites and don't bother to create PermaLinks so that everybody's Bookmarks still work into their site. Another issue is the D&C which does publishes, but does not leave its stuff publicly archived, but makes you search and pay for stuff after a short time. —BradMandell

2010-04-21 07:55:54   I posted your inquiry and my response in the [WWW]Google Groups. —BradMandell

2010-04-23 14:25:18   Hey Jack, I saw you started a separate list page for Neighborhood Associations and thought it might be more meaningful to put the associations into the Neighborhoods list page alongside the neighborhood link. This will be more likely to keep the two lists in synch. If you don't have an issue, I will just convert the neighborhood associations into a redirect to the merged data page.

You have been putting in a lot of effort, much appreciated, hope you don't mind my following along and doing my thing on your additions (:>)

Brad —BradMandell

2010-04-23 15:11:42   Sorry for bumping into you in between edits, I have had that problem with PeteB quite frequently. When I am doing multiple edits I try to add WIP or Work In Progress in the Edit Comment to help with conflicts. I understand that there may be some Associations without a distinct named neighborhood and vice versa but I think one table will be better, take a look at the latest save of Neighborhoods - I found some new ones, so there are now some Wanted Pages, but that is good. I created a For Editor Review page as an attempt to try and coordinate and get editors working together, so far mostly used by me and not updated recently (I plan on cleaning it up and updating it this next week). If you have some work plans you would like coordinated effort with, feel free to use the page and I will help out where I can.

2010-04-23 18:32:04   Since the current table is for city and suburbs, the quadrant info could go in the Notes column (maybe I should change the label to More Info or Additional Info.

The other option would be to create separate tables for City and one for the rest of Monroe County Towns with a provision/table for Surrounding Area counties. If someone got serious about drilling down, it could be a very long list with a lot of smaller HOA's thrown in.

Maybe each should be in a separate file so that they could be INCLUDED on that page and on the respective town page???