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Kaetlin Perna (July 22, 1984 - Present)

Kaetlin's Bio

Kaetlin was born in the cold, steely labor room of Rochester General Hospital, one warm, sunny early afternoon in July. Born of her two thirty something parents, and the youngest of five children, young Kaetlin was taught at an early age to entertain herself, as no one would do it for her. She expanded into her imagination creating friends such as Gocko, her imaginary twin brother, and playing with matchbox cars under the porch of her Henrietta house.

Soon after her fifth birthday, her parents went their separate ways as did much of her older family members, and Kaetlin sunk deeper into her imagination and creativity, soon becoming an outcast even to herself, as she bounced around from school to school. Writing concertos and liberettos, mastering the violin and the melodic instruments of the percussive section, Kaetlin gifted herself in music and theory, but quickly gave it up when she realized the drama and disappointment of the Rush Henrietta Senior High School music wing habitants, turning her attentions to theater, film and writing, at just fourteen years old. Here is where the genius was found, as she didn't realize, while studying music, that it was something she was kind of good at.

Eight years later, she's written crap and masterpieces alike. She is friends with MariahBetz.

Kaetlin's CV:

[WWW]Kaet's Place
(May 2006 - Present)
A weekly column of musings of a record store, the bathroom and the underground artistries of the neo-cultural movement in society.

The Depressive Diaries of Kaetlin Perna
(October 2006 - Present)
A creative non-fiction webseries of Kaetlin and her depressive tendencies.

[WWW]The Year of the Kaet
A collective zine of columns, correspondences and other random crap.

[WWW]Bateman 365: The Movie
One short film everyday for a year. It's being submitted to Tribeca.

Open Mic Tour
A collected photo documentary of a four day tour of New York City poetry open mics in September.
(In production)

Places you will find Kaetlin:

Places you will never find Kaetlin:

Contact Kaetlin:

email kaetsoleil at gmail dot com

stalk me park and oxford

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2006-11-06 07:55:41   Nice bio. and hey, Park & Oxford, when I first moved to Roch 2yrs ago I had an apt in a house right by the corner, nice little spot. —TravisOwens

2006-11-12 01:32:28   You are the sassiest little lady this side of the Genesee River! —MariahBetz